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Oxygen Icon Theme for JDownloader

Various Stuff by neo14515
ABOUT ===== This is an oxygen theme for JDownloader. It is basically 95% based on the Oxygen icon theme set (great thanks to its creators), but some icons had to be taken from the Oxygen Zion cursors theme (thanks as well). I myself have only composed a few of the icons that were specific...
unix extension linux
May 01 2012


Cairo Clock by facsavar
Pure vector clock for cairo-clock. (For install, unpack to: /usr/shere/cairo-clock/themes) You can use it for screenlets, and for clocky too. (PS: the big excised circle IS the second-hand. {second screenshot} A special effect for a special distro !:)
cairo-clock extension unix linux
Mar 22 2014

Conky Calendar Extra

Conky by eXpander
Just some conky I made, have fun with it! [b]It shows:[/b] (1) Week number (2) Day of month (3) Day of week (4) Month (5) Clock (6) A couple of vertical bars showing temperatures (7) Rings showing free space in percent [b]HowTo:[/b] (1) Install the [b]lm-sensors[/b]...
unix linux extension conky
Mar 04 2014


Cairo Clock by facsavar
Highly resizable, pure vector clock. (for instal: unpack to : usr/share/cairo-clock/themes)
extension cairo-clock unix linux
Nov 11 2013

Corner nowplaying

Various Stuff by Naf71
Thank narf41 for allowing me 2 years ago to share his theme with the changes i made for screenlets ​​here: Now I have brought little change and I'm using it on covergloobus and I thought to share with you. All cre...
linux extension unix
Jul 07 2011

Oxygen theme for PokerTH

Various Stuff by floopy1962
Here we go... another theme what else to say :D id you want the spashscreen u have to copy it to "/usr/share/games/pokerth/gfx/gui/misc/" and make sure that the permissions are on your user ;)
extension unix linux
Jun 19 2011

Orore Clock rings - for Conky Manage

Conky by lxromar
[b]Orore Clock rings is a theme for Conky Manager 1.1[/b] You can enable or disable the modules change its position, size, transparency, any overall appearance, all with a few clicks from the theme manager. Of course that you can change everything from the source code; from the colors to the...
unix linux conky extension
Jul 12 2013


Cairo Clock by Palko
Highly resizable, pure vector clock. (for instal: unpack to : usr/share/cairo-clock/themes) You can use it for screenlet, and for clocky too.
unix linux cairo-clock extension
Jul 10 2013

KDE4 Analog clock collection

Various Stuff by worloj
A collection of different looks for KDE4 analog clock plasma widget. Developed and tested thoroughly on Debian Squeeze running KDE4.3 (I think :) ). These are one of the first versions and any improvements or suggestions from anybody are welcome. !! WARNING !! To get the clock face fonts...
unix linux extension
Feb 16 2011

Simple RSS reader

Plasma 5 Applets by aloos
This is a very simple RSS reader going back to the essentials: We show title, time/date and description information from the feeds of one single source which can be chosen in the configuration menu. We do not use any images in the description; shown is only the text. Left mouseclick on feed...
plasma-5 plasma linux kde widget unix extension
Nov 11 2015