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Qual'e' il mio ip pubblico?

Various Stuff by pepilinux
Semplice script bash che usa KDIALOG per stampare a video l'ip pubblico.Funziona solo con modem ALICE GATE 2 PLUS WI-FI della Pirelli
linux unix extension
Aug 06 2011

Corner nowplaying

Various Stuff by Naf71
Thank narf41 for allowing me 2 years ago to share his theme with the changes i made for screenlets ​​here: Now I have brought little change and I'm using it on covergloobus and I thought to share with you. All cre...
linux unix extension
Jul 07 2011

Oxygen theme for PokerTH

Various Stuff by floopy1962
Here we go... another theme what else to say :D id you want the spashscreen u have to copy it to "/usr/share/games/pokerth/gfx/gui/misc/" and make sure that the permissions are on your user ;)
linux unix extension
Jun 19 2011

Google Search page for Rekonq

Various Stuff by floopy1962
This is a simple html file with little css inside that i made to make it look good in Rekonq browser :) The good thing is that the page is only one file... the bad thing is that the text-field looks ugly in google-chrome or chromium :( The font is my system font that you can find...
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Jun 19 2011

Kneda to Kmess

Various Stuff by mcder
install: open a terminal and write: kdesu dolphin /usr/share/apps/kmess/pics/ copy the file and replace the background.png como instalarlo: abren una terminal y escriben: kdesu dolphin /usr/share/apps/kmess/pics/ reemplazan el archivo background.png NOTA: la ubicacion de...
linux unix extension
May 10 2011

Oxygen theme for Filezilla

Various Stuff by johonunu
Filezilla theme to match Oxygen iconset. Extract folder to : /usr/share/filezilla/resources
linux unix extension
May 08 2011

Debian mini CD Artwork

Various Stuff by kumgabor
Debian Squeeze artwork for 8 cm mini CDs (netinst). The artwork is available on our website and you can get a CD too.
linux unix extension
Mar 16 2011

BullionVault Prices Dataengine

Various Stuff by m4ktub
Provides updates on the price of gold using the BullionVault service. There are 3 data sources one for each supported currency: USD, GBP, EUR. By default prices are updated every 45 seconds. [b]Installation[/b] You need to download the file and run, in the command line: [i]plasmapkg -i...
linux unix extension
Feb 21 2011

KDE4 Analog clock collection

Various Stuff by worloj
A collection of different looks for KDE4 analog clock plasma widget. Developed and tested thoroughly on Debian Squeeze running KDE4.3 (I think :) ). These are one of the first versions and any improvements or suggestions from anybody are welcome. !! WARNING !! To get the clock face fonts...
linux unix extension
Feb 16 2011

Amarok animated splash - IDEA

Various Stuff by Epoxyde
Amarok splash can contains animated equaliser (blue stripes on background). It can be custom (user defined) animation. Also it can be standart default animation.
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Jan 27 2011