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Debian Etch 4.0 Cover

Various Stuff by OnkelchenTobi
Debian Etch 4.0 Cover in *.PNG
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Jan 05 2010

LOL keys

Various Stuff by zaphyr
Just messing around one late what you want with it :)
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Dec 24 2009

Air theme for chromium browser

Various Stuff by hurricanek
It seems there is not a theme for chrome/chromium under kde, I make a theme from KDE Air Plasma theme for tabs and tool bar and Evolved Air for background, thanks to the original author.
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Nov 25 2009

Clock from St Peter, Zurich

Various Stuff by Thailandian
Here is a rough, but working, recreation of the clock from the tower of St Peter in Zurich. For full effect, I have uploaded some wallpapers to sit it on; the second screenshot gives some idea of the effect. The wallpapers are based on a photograph by "Roland zh" which can be found at:...
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Nov 03 2009

Amarok 2 Classic layout

Various Stuff by takanowaka
classic layout for amarok 2 created not because i'm fed up with new layouts but for pure functionality that the old one provided when updating id3 tags.. installation: just copy xml file to ~/.kde/share/apps/amarok/playlist_layouts; and it's good to set playlist sorting to directory / file...
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Oct 30 2009

Wood Clock SVG

Various Stuff by jmiahman
I saw a clock online a few days ago and I thought it looked neat. It's not a clock I would put on my wall, but more of a clock I would use on my desktop. So I decided to try my hand at my first SVG creation, my first use of InkScape and my first step towards a Plasma theme. 48 hours later here's...
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Jul 11 2009

Simple Background

Various Stuff by 99elniff
Incredibly simplistic background that I've pilfered from a screenshot of a GUI ( from Xerox PARC (who *doesn't* steal from them?). Enjoy!
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Apr 19 2009

special wallpaper textures

Various Stuff by Lemonade
some textures created in Gimp
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Apr 10 2009

Sim-IM Tango Like Theme

Various Stuff by Seclorum
Sim-IM Tango Like Theme. (Sim-IM is a multiple protocol instant messenger) (Most of icons from Miranda Jambo Tango Pack 1.0) [b]Installation (under Linux):[/b] Copy : [b]SIM-icons-Tango.jisp [/b] and [b]smiles_tango.jisp[/b] to...
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Apr 08 2009

KDE4 plasmoids: Gentoo ebuilds

Various Stuff by Sheridan
Offer your attention Gentoo ebuilds. At the moment, added, not all plasmoid, but I will add them to repository. Ebuilds located in the arcon overlay. To connect the arcon overlay, you can use layman: `layman-fa arcon` or get out of svn-repository [url][/url]
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Mar 23 2009