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sagopa loves debian

Various Stuff by qazmalar
Hi guys.. Sagopa kajmer is the best turkish rapper. i love him,and i love debian.. so i do this.. it's true that's so "quatsch" (has no means) for too many people in kde-look. but maybe some people like:) bys
extension linux unix
Aug 03 2006

kbfx xp luna

Various Stuff by dbojan
click on both screenshots to get it. taken from from download page. If it is not resized correctly, add & remove kbfx applet Right click on taskbar (add..) To move it change in advanced preferences dividers to visible, or fade.
extension linux unix
Jul 27 2005

snakeNet Mail Checker

Conky by snakebyte
The snakeNet Mail Checker is a small screenlet to check mails from an IMAP server w/o SSL. It displays new mails and can open the standart mail client. Mail client, check timeout and usage of SSL are configurable. IMPORTANT: the snakeNetMC depends on the Croatoan-lib which can be downloaded...
conky extension linux unix
Jul 10 2011

Tom des Tages

Plasma Comic Sources by chresan
Tom des Tages plugin for the comic plasmoid. Manual Installation: plasmapkg -t comic -i tom-des-tages.comic Uninstall: plasmapkg -t comic -r tom-des-tages.comic Tom des Tages website:
comic-source extension kde linux plasma unix
Aug 16 2015

Black & White gnome panel

Various Gnome Stuff by Gnom-IK
This is panel background. I'm sorry,but there is only one size - 1680*40.
extension gnome linux unix
May 26 2011

Tint2 config

Various Gnome Stuff by leodelacruz
This configuration does not use pixels, is set by percentage.
extension gnome linux unix
Mar 03 2011

Elegant Conky

Conky by satya164
This is a conky script to match the Ambiance and Radiance colors in Ubuntu. For now, only Banshee, Rhytmbox, Exaile and Amarok are the supported music players in the Now Playing applet. Install by extracting it to your home folder and adding to the startup items. Wallpaper...
conky extension linux unix
Feb 27 2011


Various Gnome Stuff by ivanblago
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 30 2011

Ubuntu Radiance Chrome Theme (Maverick)

Various Gnome Stuff by gnrathon
This is a theme a made using this webstie: Made for Ubuntu 10.10 Radiance Theme (Use with system title bars enabled) Ambiance Theme:
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 17 2011

Elementary Milk button applet theme

Various Gnome Stuff by popefalstaff
Again, all I've done is rename metacity files. All credit to the creators of Elementary Milk. Extract file and copy folder. then in terminal: gksu nautilus /usr/share/windowbuttons/themes/ and paste the folder into the directory. I believe this now has correct license info bellow.
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 15 2011