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CPUMeter-based SpeedoClockScreenlet

Conky by sedaTurca
This is a changed version of ElegantBrit theme based on Anders Storhaug's CPUMeterScreenlet. created with Inkscape on Ubuntu 10.10. Just open the Screenlets Manager and find the Clock Screenlet and choose "add new theme" option from the left pane. Brought you by sedaTurca.. :)
conky extension linux unix
Dec 17 2010

Y PPA Manager

Various Gnome Stuff by hotice
Y PPA Manager is a tool for easily managing Launchpad PPAs that uses YAD for a graphical user interface (a Zenity fork which comes with a lot of improvements) and comes as a .deb and with a Launchpad PPA for easy updates. [b]Y PPA Manager features:[/b] - Add PPA - Delete PPA - displays...
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 27 2010


Cairo Clock by jdmccay
A simple cairo-clock theme with tux being the main character. This is the first thing I have ever uploaded to an online community, so any and all suggestions are appreciated. To install, Download the file and extract it to your desktop. Then: mkdir ~/.cairo-clock cd...
cairo-clock extension linux unix
Nov 02 2010

Facebook Notifier

Conky by BlackCase
Facebook Notifier is a simple screenlet for reading Facebook notifications , with the ability to visit the Facebook site, opening the right event notified. - In this version the screenlet can just visualize notifications, but I think I will add even friend requests, messages and other stuff, in...
conky extension linux unix
Oct 25 2010


Various KDE Stuff by EngSaS
The application Meganizer allows you to manage your mediacollections. You can insert books and music. With the functionality of this application, you get not only an overview and search functionality through your collection, but you can also manage your and the wishes of other persons and you...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Apr 04 2013

Weather Screenlet

Conky by storhaug3
This is a "re-make" of the latest weather screenlet created by Helder Fraga (Whise) and robgig1088. Only minor improvements have been made to the code. Most of the work put into this release is in themes. Thanks goes to Nemanja Jovicic for creating this screenlet. Weather icons in the default...
conky extension linux unix
Feb 18 2009

GnoMenu Fedora Orbit Button

GnoMenu Skins by Hack-Master
[ES] GnoMenu Boton orbit brillante para Fedora. VersiĆ³n 1.0 InstalaciĆ³n: 1.- Descargar el archivo GnoMenu-Fedora-Orbit-Button.tar.gz 2.- Entrar en el directorio de descarga.- #cd ~/Descargas 3.- Copiar el archivo al directorio de Gnomenu Button.- cp ~...
extension gnomenu linux menu unix
Apr 04 2011


Karamba & Superkaramba by Bull4648
As the author of System-Supervisor I have designed this monitor version based upon it's parent program, I have simply removed the background and stacked into a clear column for easy viewing at minimal space required. ~Enjoy
extension karamba linux superkaramba unix
Mar 13 2011

American orb

GnoMenu Skins by lsdlive
a you Real american OK this for u pls Download U r Country flag orb How To Download Click Download -> wait 5 sec. Skip ad 4 Time
extension gnomenu linux menu unix
Mar 05 2011

Slab Cool

GnoMenu Skins by ExtraLeonard
First install GnoMenu then with the program install/load this menu theme. It is remake of Slab menu theme witch comes with the program. I needed transparent menu for my laptop and with prettiest icons.
extension gnomenu linux menu unix
Dec 04 2010