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KDE4 Docky Themes

Docky Themes by garthecho
A port of the Perfection, Oxygen, and SlimGlow plasma themes for KDE to Docky. These work best in KDE but I wanted to post them here on Gnome-Look in case someone liked the themes anyway. :) To install: Copy each individual folder to /usr/share/docky/themes/ and restart Docky.
dock docky extension linux unix
Feb 04 2010

Black glass - docky theme

Docky Themes by ivan25
A simple dark theme for Docky ( Made for 3d mode with icons at 48px. INSTALL: Extract the .tar.gz in ~/.local/share/docky/themes, then restart Docky and choose Black Glass theme.
dock docky extension linux unix
Jan 08 2010

Docky 2 Pack

Docky Themes by Kshegzyaj
2 themes for Docky and Replacement Icons included in the archive. Attention : PlasticGlass has to be used in 3D background mode ! Please choose the correct dock size. Inlaid looks better when using the panel mode ! Install script provided, just double-click it (make sure it is executable)
dock docky extension linux unix
Dec 31 2009