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Greeny Ubuntu Panel

Various Gnome Stuff by sanzoy
A simple Green panel.
extension gnome linux unix
Jan 02 2011

Light themes for Window Applets

Various Gnome Stuff by Cierreics
Ambiance and Radiance (both Lucid and Maverick versions) themes for Window Applets windowbuttons, thanks to uni4dfx for these fantastic GNOME applets!! Unpack and copy all the folders to /usr/share/windowbuttons/themes
extension gnome linux unix
Dec 17 2010

Easy Conky theme beta

Conky by nesiory
This is a conky theme with some bugs and is in it`s early beta # fix the location bug. :D
conky extension linux unix
Dec 12 2010

conky-green by vsv

Conky by vsv
Required fonts: Infected [url][/url] Defused [url][/url] Juice [url][/url]
conky extension linux unix
Nov 14 2010

Naysa T01

Various Gnome Stuff by azmo35
For avant window navigator. Install Instructions: 1. Download 2. Save to downloads or your chosen location. 3. Right click on awn, select Dock Preference. 4. Go to themes, click Install. 5. Find location where you saved it. 6. Select and install. Update bad thumb.png it now fixed.
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 02 2010

Gnome Color Chooser 0.2.5

Various Gnome Stuff by Maxorchuck
English ********************************************************** This package is believed to facilitate the installation of Gnome color chooser with the help of the application Checkinstall. Nama give me tolerance because I am novice at this to create RPM packages quickly and I did, so...
extension gnome linux unix
Oct 16 2010

Maverick Meerkat Countdown Counter

Various Gnome Stuff by ironic-gnome
Maverick Meerkat Countdown Counter is a bash script which notifies how many days left for Ubuntu 10.10. It notifies on every GNOME session start (after 90 seconds) You can also check status from a terminal, by typing 'maverick' command, anytime. On release date (October 10, 2010) ...
extension gnome linux unix
Sep 26 2010


Various Gnome Stuff by jazzerit
this my desktop at the moment. Everything except the icons theme is exactly how I downloaded it- but I thought they go well together. I'll link to their pages for the bits. the GTK/metacity theme: not found here, but on gnome-art (since been moved, so here's the author's deviantart...
extension gnome linux unix
Jul 30 2010

S2X conky script

Conky by kilah
[+] How to install mv conkyrc ~/.conkyrc Font infected need to be installed on system : Root install : cp infected.ttf /usr/share/fonts/ User install : cp infected.ttf ~/.fonts Why i need font infected ? You need this font because you see "unixcod" text or modify with your own...
conky extension linux unix
May 25 2010

Pooch Cafe

Plasma Comic Sources by keithzg
Like many ones up here, just a quick port of one of mfuchs's plugins.
comic-source extension kde linux plasma unix
Mar 04 2015