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conky cemeng

Conky by geazzy
conky with slideshow, analog clock, ring meter, calendar, and other...
extension conky linux unix
Feb 28 2011

Golden Sonar Chromium Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by ivanblago
linux unix gnome extension
Jan 30 2011

Windows 7 style Panel Background

Various Gnome Stuff by ExtraLeonard
Right click on Panel then pick Properties ("First step.jpg") Background tab, Background image and load one of pictures I give you ("Second step.jpg") Suggestions Find Gnome theme Win2-7(Pixmap) Install Emerald window manager and find good Windows 7 theme Install Fusion icon, start it...
linux unix extension gnome
Jan 02 2011

1 page Ubuntu manual (sin terminar)

Various Gnome Stuff by chino77
Hola, estoy haciendo un manual de una pagina para Ubuntu, todavia no esta terminado, esperaba que me pudieran ayudar a decidir que incluir o que modificar en el mismo. Hasta ahora es solo lo que se ve: Breve informacion sobre Gnu/linux, Ubuntu y el concepto de software libre; alternativas de...
linux unix extension gnome
Dec 10 2010

Mirroo Conky Style

Conky by Mirroo
I see this conkyrc: take this: change the second, to my background, moded the conkyrc, wich i have found, and so, you can see what i have done oh, and you can download the wallpaper...
extension conky unix linux
Nov 25 2010

MalagaEasy Gnome·3 Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by pleomax
This theme is like my first theme Malaga, but much more simple and works fine in Gnome Shell 2.29. You only have to copy the theme file into your /usr/share/gnome-shell directory, that must be another one. Sorry by my english is very bad, I am Spanish. Be carefouly, make your backup before do...
gnome extension unix linux
Nov 07 2010

FireFox script

Various Gnome Stuff by KYRN
16-10-2010 : just a stylish script idea...but not a mockup.
unix gnome extension linux
Oct 16 2010

cover-gloobus simple ascii theme

Various Gnome Stuff by djspider
Simple only text theme for Covergloobus. Covergloobus is simple program that shows now playing song from your player on desktop. To install unpack to /usr/share/covergloobus/themes/ You can download covergloobus here:
extension gnome linux unix
Oct 08 2010


Cairo Clock by HasserVision
This is Cairo-Clock theme I made to compliment a Steampunk styled desktop. This is my first attempt to create a theme, so please let me know if I need to make any improvements. I'm not 100% happy with the clock hands, but I'm still trying to learn Inkscape. Thanks to Kuduk for the inspiration.
cairo-clock extension unix linux
Sep 05 2010

Vocaloid theme 4 NowPlaying

Conky by Cabalbl4
NowPlaying screenlet theme. Archive includes theme folder (BIG and SMALL), each of them containing a copy of "vocaloid" subfolder which should be unpacked to /usr/share/screenlets/NowPlaying/themes/ Image credit: Buttons based on default theme and Ipod...
unix extension conky linux
Aug 26 2010