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GnoMenu Skins by technoshaun
Using the Black GnoMenu theme by linuxgurl13 I made it transparent, resized it a bit and changed some elements. Then I did my preferred menu layout scheme. This is another Vista Like GnoMenu 2 compliant scheme designed to utilize Linux options better.
extension gnomenu linux menu unix
Oct 25 2010

3dbrancocristal awn theme

AWN Themes by enraim
se você gostou do tema e pode fazer uma doação o faça if you liked the song and make a donation can do este tema funcionara a penas na versão do awn 0.4.0 ou superior his theme will work only on version awn 0.4.0 or higher você também pode fazer uma doação para a empresa lynex para manter...
awn dock extension linux unix
Sep 25 2010

MacOSX Black Apple

GnoMenu Skins by mttza1
Based on my (Matt Sturgeon) original MacOSX Apple theme, I thought some people might like an all black default icon, with a nicer hover and pressed picture! This version includes a nicer glow, with an all black "unpressed" icon. See also my other apple themes: MacOSX Apple 1.0...
extension gnomenu linux menu unix
Apr 06 2010