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Mirroo Conky Style

Conky by Mirroo
I see this conkyrc: take this: change the second, to my background, moded the conkyrc, wich i have found, and so, you can see what i have done oh, and you can download the wallpaper...
conky extension linux unix
Nov 25 2010

MalagaEasy Gnome·3 Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by pleomax
This theme is like my first theme Malaga, but much more simple and works fine in Gnome Shell 2.29. You only have to copy the theme file into your /usr/share/gnome-shell directory, that must be another one. Sorry by my english is very bad, I am Spanish. Be carefouly, make your backup before do...
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 07 2010

FireFox script

Various Gnome Stuff by KYRN
16-10-2010 : just a stylish script idea...but not a mockup.
extension gnome linux unix
Oct 16 2010

cover-gloobus simple ascii theme

Various Gnome Stuff by djspider
Simple only text theme for Covergloobus. Covergloobus is simple program that shows now playing song from your player on desktop. To install unpack to /usr/share/covergloobus/themes/ You can download covergloobus here:
extension gnome linux unix
Oct 08 2010


Cairo Clock by HasserVision
This is Cairo-Clock theme I made to compliment a Steampunk styled desktop. This is my first attempt to create a theme, so please let me know if I need to make any improvements. I'm not 100% happy with the clock hands, but I'm still trying to learn Inkscape. Thanks to Kuduk for the inspiration.
cairo-clock extension linux unix
Sep 05 2010

Vocaloid theme 4 NowPlaying

Conky by Cabalbl4
NowPlaying screenlet theme. Archive includes theme folder (BIG and SMALL), each of them containing a copy of "vocaloid" subfolder which should be unpacked to /usr/share/screenlets/NowPlaying/themes/ Image credit: Buttons based on default theme and Ipod...
conky extension linux unix
Aug 26 2010

Docky theme : Invisible

Docky Themes by MadeInKobaia
I modified the docky "Trans Theme" by Akshat Jain [url][/url], I simply removed the borders on the background is now completely transparent. | Install : Copy the extracted folder in...
dock docky extension linux unix
Sep 21 2012


Karamba & Superkaramba by djkidy123
This is my mod for 3D clock! It's 24h format clock with second... Thanx for this goes to downdiagonal for original mod and jtandrews for bether visibility!
extension karamba linux superkaramba unix
Aug 14 2012


Conky by Whise
Author : Robgig1080
conky extension linux unix
May 11 2008

Screenlets 0.1.1

Conky by Whise
This is mostly a bug fix release but with a lot of new screenlets. Alot of bugs were corrected and screenlets is now a lot more stable Also some improvements in google widgets and karamba compatibility news in core a lot of bug fixes a lot of new bugs fixed a lot of new drawing...
conky extension linux unix
May 11 2008