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Reloj Conky

Conky by Votritis
Inspired from Reloj Rainmeter skin Credit goes to Kiko11 Three versions: Original by Rainmeter skin,Bar and Vertical copy fonts to /home/.fonts copy .png to /home/.conky copy .conkyrc to /home
extension conky unix linux
May 12 2011

Freemeteo Weather Screenlet

Conky by emanik
A weather screenlet based on WidescapeWeather Screenlet (heavilly modified -just the graphics are the same) that fetches, and provides localization for 21 countries, high low temperatures, option for local time for the region you choose ([b]It needs python time zone library...
unix conky extension linux
Feb 15 2011

Sonar Chrome Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by johonunu
Chromium and Google Chrome theme for OpenSUSE or for anyone using Sonar Theme.
extension gnome unix linux
Jan 30 2011

Ubuntu Spin

Cairo Clock by werewolves
An Ubuntu logo themed clock where the Ubuntu logo spins as the second hand. There are some extra layers in the clock-face.svg file that you can turn on and off for optional hour markers.
cairo-clock extension unix linux
Jan 02 2011

Faenza Clock

Cairo Clock by R2D221
Adaptation of a clock icon made by tiheum for his theme Faenza [] for Cairo Clock.
unix linux extension cairo-clock
Nov 29 2010


Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by bsidb
This is a kio slave that can display several direcotries together. Corporated with KRecentdocument and Nepomuk Timeline, it can acts as a tool to see recent used files and directories. You can add a bookmark(rdt:/) to the sidebar to use it in "select file"...
plasma linux kde unix extension
Nov 25 2012


Various KDE Stuff by malcer
ADVICE / AVISO: This application is no longer supported. Use Caledonia Downloader instead: Esta aplicación ya no está soportada. Usa en su lugar Caledonia D...
unix extension plasma kde linux
Aug 29 2012

KGenlop - Gentoo emerge notifier

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by nephros
This is a set of scripts to popup a kdialog message about the currently compiling package(s). [b][/b] is the more advanced one. It uses the [i]inotify[/i] API to watch emerge.log and inform you when something new happens. It can be run from KDE autostart, or xinitrc or whatever,...
unix extension kde linux plasma
Jan 22 2012

Scale Up

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by genericity
A KWin effect to smoothly maximize/restore windows. Please note this is *not* the right approach to implement smooth size change, so please don't take it too seriously. There's a sudden change in the beginning of animation. That's because the application has already finished...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Apr 14 2010

Animated Video Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins by genjix
Play video as your wallpaper! (ty nowardev) Thanks Lukas Krejza, but Gryffus for SUSE packages :) Thanks dglent for the Mandriva rpm! It installs TWO files which can be easily deleted by: # rm /usr/lib/kde4/ # rm...
wallpaper-plugin unix extension kde linux plasma
Oct 06 2009