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Elegant Clean CONKY

Conky by abilgin
.conkyrc script Wallpaper
conky extension linux unix
Dec 26 2018

Alive Counter Conky

Conky by Markospoko
Alive Counter is a clock that shows time as how long you have been alive in minutes - there're plenty of people speaking how old they are and ok it's how it is but maybe rather than that we could cherish how long we have lived? =) Don't be shy, give it a try, hesitation isn't good for you,...
clock conky counter desklet extension linux time unix
May 20 2020

Red Shift Blue Shift

Conky by psychydyl
This theme displays the network graph in red for upload and blue for download and the processes panel along with a dmesg output display. Extract the contents of the .TAR.GZ to ~/. Contains one autostart script and an updated version of the theme which can be installed without using...
conky extension linux unix
Nov 10 2018

Conky Foraz Theme

Conky by teoforaz
scripted theme for conky with advanced customization options. support for various music players, weather, rss, and quotes...
conky conky-lua conky-them custom extension linux scripted unix
May 04 2020

Conky GVS-Plus for 6 CPU

Conky by autocrosser1
Another Conky theme for Conky 1.10 or higher. As usual for my themes, edit as you need for your system (change the mounted filesystems-network connections, etc). Packaged with a startup script, themes & font required. Works best with darker desktop backgrounds. Just un-tar & put the .conky &...
conky debian extension linux unix
May 19 2019

TC-100 Conky Theme

Conky by luizfnunes
A High-Tech Conky Theme in four colors: white, blue, green and red. Instalation and Configuration:
conky extension linux monochrome technology unix
Oct 02 2019


Conky by autocrosser1
3D-Plus is just a Conky I've been playing with for a couple of weeks.....Finally got it about where I wanted. Included are the conky script, Lua script, required font & startup script. Just put the "dot" files in your home folder, chmod the startup script & run it. You can setup your startup...
conky extension linux unix
Aug 26 2018


Conky by fenario
Colourful basic conky. Available as bright and the other with subdued colours. To run Conky: place this folder into ~/.config/ for bright conky version run with command: conky -c ~/.config/Rainbow-Conky/conky-bright.conf for dark conky version run with command: conky -c...
conky extension linux unix
Aug 20 2018

Conky on Computing Machine

Conky by jamiemichelle
These files are what I use for my Conky setup, and others are welcome to them. This Conky setup is known to work with the xfdesktop 4.14.n and 4.12.n series, although I'm not sure about different desktop environments. The '.conkyrc' file may require some modifications to work properly on...
conky extension linux monitor unix x11
Aug 18 2019


Conky by CerNerCompany
a fancy Conky :) for launch >
conky extension linux unix
May 15 2018