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gnoMac Theme Pack

Various Gnome Stuff by lizardking
All that U need to apply mac look and feel: GDM theme Wallpaper Cursor Gtk Metacity Splash Icons README:TO DOWNLOAD GO HERE: the file is 25 MB!!!
extension gnome linux unix
Nov 03 2005

AWN Ambiance Variant

AWN Themes by sdsoldi
My second theme for AWN To install: Download it, open AWN dock preferences, go to themes, click install, and select the theme package
awn dock extension linux unix
Feb 13 2011

Ubuntu Token Button

GnoMenu Skins by ra2b
extension gnomenu linux menu unix
Nov 23 2010

Boo Menu

GnoMenu Skins by nachotronik
------------English------------- Is a simple menu with an image of Boo in dark purple background color. -----------Español-------------- Es un menu simple, con una imagen de Boo en un fondo purpura oscuro.
extension gnomenu linux menu unix
Sep 19 2010

AWN Blue & Transparent theme

AWN Themes by ExtraLeonard
Avant Window Navigator (AWN) Theme. Just download it and after that install from AWN theme tab.
awn dock extension linux unix
Sep 14 2010


Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Vytax
Plugin for KDE file managers (Dolphin and Konqueror) to preview cover arts embedded in Audio (MP3, FLAC) file tags as Thumbnails. Tested with KDE4.3. Needs taglib(-devel) and flac++(-devel) for compiling. If you want add images to your audio files, you can use Kid3...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Nov 04 2009

KDEmod - KDE on steroids for Arch Linux

Various KDE Stuff by jazztyle
Made by a bunch of KDE enthusiasts, KDEmod is a modular and tweaked package set of the K Desktop Environment that has been optimized for Arch Linux. Our KDE3 packages contain a lot of additional patches for eyecandy and functionality and a slightly enhanced Qt3 installation plus a completely...
extension kde linux plasma unix
Jan 15 2009

Dressed in Black

Kbfx Startmenu by painkiller101
I've done another KBFX-Menu with 3Panels an a clear look. I'm not very proud of the scrollbararrows, but it has to look like this. That's because the KBFX-Software has this automatic black-white arrow on top and bottom of the item-bar and when i take a bigger height for the scrolbar-pics the...
extension launcher linux menu unix
Oct 19 2007

Nerdson (pt_br)

Plasma Comic Sources by oreia
This is the comic plugin for the comic strips.
comic-source extension kde linux plasma unix
Nov 11 2010

xkcd (ru)

Plasma Comic Sources by gildor ( Russia) plugin for plasma comic. // Русский перевод комиксов XKCD сделанный проектом [url][/url], в виде плагина для Plasma comic
comic-source extension kde linux plasma unix
Oct 10 2010