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KDE 5 Template Manager

Dolphin Service Menus by supremoh
KDE 5 Dolphin Service Menu for managing templates. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Templates are such a good feature for productivity. They are used to define a unique non-executable file format intended specifically for a...
dolphin kde5 automation manager template addon
Jun 04 2021

PCLinuxOS BR Plasma

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by paulocreto
Wallpaper for PCLInuxOS Plasma
pclinuxos -br plasma kde5 wallpaper artwork
May 13 2021

Rosa Humanity remix for KDE Plasma 5

Full Icon Themes by sheshonq
I felt in love with Rosa icon set but it inherits gnome and hicolor icon sets that are not more available in some distributions. During COVID-19 quarantine I tried to overcome this problem mixing Rosa icon set with Humanity one in a full SVG set, some icons where still missing and I added some...
rosa kde5 linux unix icon-theme
May 09 2021


Network by khorram62
Komport is a graphical serialport and socket terminal And is a tool for monitoring system serial ports. This program monitors, displays, logs and analyzes all serial ports, including RS232/422/485.
seialport socket kde5 qt5 archlinux software app
May 07 2021


App Runners by aeropto
This plugin allows you to easily control Spotify using KRunner. The plugin uses Spotipy to interact with the Spotify Web API. Using only a handful of words the user can control Spotify in a straightforward manner, even if Spotify does not run on the same device as KRunner is running on. Whether...
spotify krunner kde5 music plugin addon
Apr 23 2021

EFBright Aurorae

Plasma Window Decorations by OlliFri
The Aurorae window design from my EFBright All project which can be found here in its entirety: Das Aurorae Fenster Design aus meinem EFBright All Projekt das komplett hier zu finden ist:
aurorae bright button kde5 plasma linux unix theme kde
Apr 11 2021


Wallpapers KDE Plasma by selrahcsan
KDE BluV is wallpaper for KDE Plasma desktop. Want to Support-Box?
kde kde5 kdeplasmaa wallpaper artwork plasma
Mar 17 2021

HTML Clock

Plasma 5 Clocks by marcinorlowski
Clock widget you can layout and style using HTML/CSS! >---->>>> PLEASE use to request new features or report any bugs. If you do not have account yet, just sign up for free (you do not have to be a developer to do that). That helps me A LOT tracking any user...
htmlclock kde5 kde plasma5 clock linux unix extension plasma plasma-5 widget
Mar 25 2021


Plasma 5 Applets by driglu4it
Easy to use translation plasmoid (GUI for translate-shell package). Reguired translate-shell package. You can buy me coffee or beer on [url=]Paypal[/url] or on [url=]Liberapay[/url] Note: To work properly after...
kde5 plasma translate plasmoid linux unix extension kde plasma-5 widget
Jan 05 2021


Collections by tsbarnes
A stylish white and pink theme
pink kde5
Oct 18 2020