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Plasma Window Decorations by freefreeno
Dark Aurorae theme made for the Baebae KDE theme Click on the screenshots to enlarge so the blurriness will go away. I am only using a brown wallpaper so the blue is more visible to you. All new theme. New colors everywhere. New everything. New style Aurorae theme made from the...
aurorae kdeplasma linux plasma5 plasma kde theme unix
Aug 16 2019


Plasma Window Decorations by freefreeno
Aurorae themes for the Paramount Plasma theme and color schemes. I made this from the sweet aurorae theme but nothing about is the same. There is two of them. One for the solid color scheme and one for the normal Paramount color scheme with different colored title bar. Sweet aurorae can be...
kdeplasma plasma5 plasma kde linux aurorae theme unix
Jun 06 2019