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Global Themes by freefreeno
This is a beautiful dark theme for KDE Plasma desktop. Please click the screenshots to enlarge to remove the blurriness. In all honesty no amount of screenshots will ever tell you how much you will or will not like a theme. There is a complete KDE Plasma with everything needed to make an...
kdeplasma linux look-and-feel plasma plasma5 kde unix theme
Aug 01 2019

Simply Grey Plasma Themes

Plasma Themes by freefreeno
These are the Plasma themes for the Simply Grey color schemes. There is two Plasma themes. One for the two lighter color schemes and one for the darkest variant The color you see in the screenshots is the the Simply Dark Grey color scheme. The color schemes can be found...
unix theme kdeplasma linux kde plasma plasma5
May 23 2019

UIFlat Plasma themes

Plasma Themes by freefreeno
UIFlat Plasma themes to match the UIFlat colors that can be found here: There is two Transparent Plasma themes here to go with the UIFlat color schemes. The Regular UIFlat matches the lighter two color schemes and the UIFlat-dark matches the darker two color...
kdeplasma kde linux plasma5 plasma theme unix
May 21 2019


Plasma Window Decorations by freefreeno
Aurorae themes for the Paramount Plasma theme and color schemes. I made this from the sweet aurorae theme but nothing about is the same. There is two of them. One for the solid color scheme and one for the normal Paramount color scheme with different colored title bar. Sweet aurorae can be...
kdeplasma plasma5 plasma kde linux aurorae theme unix
Jun 06 2019

Simply Grey Plasma Color Schemes

Plasma Color Schemes by freefreeno
Clean flat Grey with flat colors all around that make for a very clean looking desktop. There is Plasma themes and Gtk themes to match and even Konsole colors There is three color schemes ranging from light grey to a dark grey. I love the flat color schemes because if you haven't figured...
colorscheme linux plasma5 plasma kde kdeplasma theme unix
May 23 2019

UIFlat Color schemes

Plasma Color Schemes by freefreeno
UIFlat colors are well flat colored Plasma color schemes for my UIFlat Plasma theme. There is Plasma themes and GTK themes for this theme also. I will posting today. There is four color schemes ranging from lighter to darkest and there is two Plasma themes. One for the lighter two and one for...
linux plasma plasma5 kde kdeplasma unix theme colorscheme
May 21 2019

ArchLogo Black

Plasma Splashscreens by menelkir
Black Splash Screen based on
unix theme kde5 kdeplasma kde plasma plasma-5 splash splashscreen linux archlinux
Apr 09 2019