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Simple File Transfer

Utilities by clearall2
Simple File Transfer is a simple tool which can send and receive files between computers in local network. If you have knowledge about networking or IPv6, you can even transfer over the internet. FEATURES: -Send and receive multiple files. -Send and receive simultaneously. -Unlimited file...
sft transfer pc windows software app
4 hours ago

Windoze 0.0

Wallpapers Windows by Laszcz
Windows 98 parody
windows98 wallpaper artwork windows
Jan 26 2023


Wallpapers Windows by moyash
28 different color wallpapers, suitable for desktop recording, suitable for windows 10 or linux
wallpaper wallpapers windows artwork
Jan 23 2023

Noise Wallpapers

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by moyash
- Suitable for Windows 10 or Linux Themes That Looks Like Windows Desktop. - Made By Inkscape
wallpaper windows desktop artwork plasma kde
Jan 26 2023

Uos [Deepin V20]

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
icons extracted from the beta of Uos, deepin os v20, This set is set for use in any distribution and DE that you wish to use, I can also install it in the current version of deepin. In addition to the original icons I have added some totally new and exclusively for this version. the merit is...
deepinv20 icon-theme icons linux macos unix uos windows
Jan 07 2023


Full Icon Themes by 80lu
This theme was called Wow64 and is being renamed to Fluent11. Some files still have the old name. Fluent design icon theme, inspired by Microsoft Wind0ws 11 design. All icons were made in vector format and don't use extracted icons from Wind0ws. More than 23.000 downloads. Thank you linux...
fluent icon-theme linux papirus unix windows
Jan 05 2023

Ketsa Dark icons

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO
lovely icons with gradients to give depth, Inspired by the work of yoga in Dribbble, do not hesitate to visit their site. now I also have inspiration from sikebo's work, the creation of these icons is especially complicated, contributions are always welcome, know more about the work of yoga...
flow fluent icon-theme ketsa linux macos unix windows
Jan 06 2023

Windows 10 Anniversary Wallpaper

Wallpapers Windows by whiter99
1920x1080 Quality
10 artwork wallpaper windows
Dec 28 2022


Full Icon Themes by nestoris
Enhanced Classic icon theme (used with Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows 2000 systems
icon-theme linux retro unix win2k win98 windows windows2000
Jan 03 2023

IObit Smart Defrag Pro

File Management by acepwuhidi
Password File : 1234 IObit Smart Defrag Pro Full Version is the best application that you can use to defragment your hard drive so that your computer can run faster and more efficiently. IObit Smart Defrag Pro Final here is very necessary for your computer, because by rearranging the file...
app defrag komputer software system windows
Dec 29 2022