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Quartz 95

GTK3/4 Themes by darkomarko42
Simple GTK theme for Cinnamon Desktop Inspired by android (also support mate, Budgie and unity desktops) * EXTRACT ALL FOLDERS REQUIRED * * GTK3.24 * * GTK4.0+ *
cinnamon flat gnome indigo linux material theme unix windows
Mar 06 2023

Mint Wow64 GTK Theme for Linux Mint

Cinnamon Themes by 80lu
Fluent Design GTK theme for Linux Mint. Wow64 icon theme:
cinnamon linux linux-mint mint theme unix windows
Apr 17 2022

Opacified / Translucent / Transparent Windows in Cinnamon

Tutorials and Scripts by Brahimsalem
. 3. Log out and log back in. Enjoy NB: As written focused-maximised or fullscreen windows
cinnamon linux opacified translucent transparent tutorial unix windows
Mar 22 2021

Get rid of your Windows

Wallpapers Mint by Laszcz
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Full HD wallpaper and self-explaining template for GIMP. Feel free to edit .XCF according your taste, distro and DE=)
artwork cinnamon linuxmint mint template wallpaper windows
Oct 04 2019