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Willow Spectrum

Plasma Themes by doncsugar
Use Plasma 24 for best results. I recommend having "Background Contrast" on in "Desktop Effects." Change your Color Scheme and spectrum will change with it. Best panel height is 52px. Also, please leave a comment on [url=]Willow Desktop[/url]? It's very helpful...
color kde linux plasma spectrum theme unix windows
Apr 07 2022

Windows 8.1 Pro All Colors

Cinnamon Themes by 97leviatan
Basado En todos los colores que nos ofrece Windows 8.1 Experimenta los Colores Metro de Windows
8.1 cinnamon color linux metro theme unix windows
Jul 24 2019

EQuilibrium 0.1

Plasma Color Schemes by eQuilibrium
EQuilibrium Plasma Color Scheme
color colorscheme kde linux plasma theme unix windows
Nov 04 2017