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Jan 12 2018
Thanks for adding this script. Works correctly. Only Dolphin icon (also folder) is still yellow.
Second thing is that you could detect in script if it is running in Plasma and without sudo and then install the icons in ~/.local/share/icons. I run like this and copied icons from ~/.icons to this directory (manually). - Sep 17 2017
Thanks for adding scrip changing color of folder icons. - Sep 17 2017
To be clear. I know that exists single folder-green and folder with other colors, but specific icons like for example: folder-print, folder-music, folder-pictures, etc. are yellow. - Sep 03 2017
Nice theme, but would be good to have also different colors of folders, like blue, green,brown. - Sep 03 2017

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Jul 10 2018
Nice icon theme, but it is a pity that is not adapted to dark theme. I mean there are black color icons which on dark background are or course almost not visible :-/
In Plasma 5 also they look good only missing couple icons (in Dolphin, KDevelop). - Sep 02 2017
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Oct 21 2018
It doesn't work in my panel. Icon of "Arch Updater" takes whole width of panel, whereas other icons only half (also newly added). Try to resize panel (width) till you will have two vertical rows. Anyway. I sent you screenshot of my panel and the steps describing how I added plasmoid into the panel. - Jun 23 2017
Current package is not cleaned. It "Weighs" 2MB whereas previous one weighed only 255KB.

BTW. You can remove from package all directories named "CMakeFiles", because they are generated by cmake tool (run in your script).
- Jun 21 2017
#1. I'm sorry, but it doesn't work (for me). I put plasmoid onto my vertical panel and icon still takes a lot of space (4 normal icons). Maybe plasma can't decrease it because of status (number of pkgs) located in top right corner :/. So I have some small suggestion.
In top right corner is shown number of packages waiting for update, but I think it could be replaced by tooltip - showing info when mouse cursor will be over the icon. And the status if there is something to update could be mark by color of icon - like in octopi. Thanks that the icon could be decreased. - Jun 21 2017
#2, #3. Now is much better :). Thanks.
And one small suggestion about "Arch updater settings -> General. Option label: "Check Every (Minutes)". The number you could put next to the label, and make just separator between these two options.

About #4. Sorry I was wrong. I checked command "checkupdates" and it seems that command shows only packages related with normal repository. I made this mistake, because in my AUR were the sane packages as checkupdates showed yesterday. Today I updated system using Octopi and after that checkupdates showed less (all of these what I linked with AUR repo. just disappeared). Anyway "checkupdates" works as I expected, so is fine.
And one interesting thing. I wonder why above command shows more than octopi and pamac :/. Almost all yesterday's packages were shown today by octopi and pamac (only glibc was skipping). - Jun 21 2017
Couple things.

1. I have vertical Panel and icons are arranged in two vertical rows. Icon from this plasmoid is not scalable and takes the place of 4 icons. Takes too much space and looks ugly.

2. "Arch updater settings -> General. Option label: "Check Every (Minutes) has white color, so contrast is bad, but second option "Hide the updates version number" is in black color, so correct.

3. I have dark desktop theme in my Plasma (Simple Flow). When I click on plasmoid icon I see the list of packages to update in black color, so contrast is very bad.

4. The list of packages to update contains mixed packages. I mean I see AUR packages and also these coming from standard repository. I expected only these second ones. These coming from AUR I would like to update separately. - Jun 20 2017
Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather 123 comments

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Oct 06 2017
Checking below bug seems that your plasmoid crashes periodically Plasma 5.9.5.
Could you please check this?

Bug 375860 - Crash in QTXML Patterns parsing - May 22 2017
Yahoo! Weather Widget

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Apr 22 2016
> Could you please add more information for basic users on your page to help us install your widget ?
You can find this informations on home site of this project. Url (mentioned in description in this site) is following:
In "Installation" you can read, that to install you should run:
plasmapkg2 -i ./com.librehat.yahooweather-5.1.1.plasmoid
for upgrade (if you have already installed older version):
plasmapkg2 -u ./com.librehat.yahooweather-5.1.1.plasmoid
(I changed version to the newest in this moment)

Solution for your issue found in google:
Found using this key words in google: "kubuntu QtQuick.Layouts"
Please run below:
sudo apt-get install qml-module-qtquick-layouts

I also installed following packages:
sudo apt-get install qml-module-qtqml-models2
sudo apt-get install qtdeclarative5-models-plugin

If you need to install all dependencies automatically then you have to ask maintainer of this package in Kubuntu to add this dependencies.

After installation please relogin, and add again this plasmoid to desktop.

Location of Plasmoids installed manually (so like above) is following:
If you want you can remove old plasmoid manually, just removing proper directory. - Apr 07 2016
Xt7-player (now xt7-player-mpv)

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Mar 13 2015
Option "Saving/restoring the movie time" is useful when you have to or want to pause movie and turn off application in order watching movie later.

"Subtitles under the movie". I tried use "Video/Audio chains". Unfortunately it doesn't work and crashes application. I made request on bugtraq:

"Polish subtitles" problem I resolved. There was a little bug in my additional option. I wrote: -subcp 1250 instead -subcp cp1250 - Nov 26 2011
Would be nice to have following things:
1. Recently opened files (in File menu)
2. Save movie time position during closing application and seek to saved time when the same movie (in the same location) is started (-ss option).
3. Subtitles under the movie.
I obtain it by following settings in mplayer config file:
It works only for vo=xv,x11

Things that not work:
1. Polish subtitles
In "Subtitles and osd" I checked "Charset" and set FallBack to cp1250 (Language is empty). Polish character are not visible (I see '?' instead them). When I call mplayer like this: Quote:
mplayer moviename.avi -subcp cp1250
then Polish character are visible. In "Language" comboBox I can't find 'pl'. Thats why I not set language.
Settings Quote:
-subcp 1250
in 'Windows/General options/misc/Additional option' doesn't work. Charset in 'Subtitles and osd' is unchecked. xt7-player log following command:
FMain.GetOptionsFromGui.1443: Exception, doing SubAndOsd.Init() now...
-vf-pre scale -ass -ass-force-style FontName="Bitstream Vera Sans",FontSize=18,Bold=1,Italic=Alignment=2,outline=1,OutlineColour=H00000000,MarginV=10,PrimaryColour=H00FFFFFF,shadow=2,BackColour=H7F000000 -sub-fuzziness 0 -subfont-osd-scale 4 -subfont-text-scale 4 -subpos 10 -subcp 1250 -dvbin card=1 -dvbin timeout=10 -cdrom-device "Please, choose" -vf-add eq2,hue,screenshot,scale
MplayerClass.do_play.539: commandline=mplayer -identify -slave -wid 88080784 -noconfig all -mouse-movements -vf-pre scale -ass -ass-force-style FontName="Bitstream Vera Sans",FontSize=18,Bold=1,Italic=Alignment=2,outline=1,OutlineColour=H00000000,MarginV=10,PrimaryColour=H00FFFFFF,shadow=2,BackColour=H7F000000 -sub-fuzziness 0 -subfont-osd-scale 4 -subfont-text-scale 4 -subpos 10 -subcp 1250 -dvbin card=1 -dvbin timeout=10 -cdrom-device "Please, choose" -vf-add eq2,hue,screenshot,scale -vo xv,gl,gl2,x11,null, -ao oss:/dev/dsp:/dev/mixer,alsa,arts,esd:localhost,jack,pulse::,null, -alang "en,eng" -slang "en,eng" -input conf=/tmp/FakeInput.conf:file=/home/piotr/.config/gambas3/Xt7-Player/.InputPipes/Xt7Input-37402 "moviename.avi"

Maybe some option override '-subcp 1250'? - Nov 26 2011

Plasma 4 Widgets 123 comments

by F1ash
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Apr 06 2014
On some Linux distributions MailChecker works improperly. The reason are names of temporary files with extension: '.Result', '.all', '.new', '.msg', '.content'. These names are randomly generated by function randomString. In my system looks like this: "/dev/shm/ÎÍéWhéÇüŹlÄkTągLiŐbÝđÍWn" and are not readable by python. I replaced call this funtion by new giving similar result.

str_ = str(randomString(24))
has been replaced by:
str_ = ''.join(random.choice(string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits) for x in range(24))

MailChecker work properly, after this fix.

Good idea is replaced it by below lines too.
char_set = string.ascii_uppercase + string.digits
str_ = ''.join(random.sample(char_set,24))
- May 22 2011
Beesoft Commander

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Sep 20 2008
You probably made a mistake. This place is for KDE application. For Qt apps. is - Sep 18 2008
DamaDamas Icon Theme

Icon Themes

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Sep 17 2017 Thanks for adding scrip changing color of folder icons.

Wallpaper Other

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Apr 01 2017

Plasma 4 Widgets

by F1ash
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May 22 2011