Olivier LAHAYE , France
BasKet Note Pads 2.0 Beta 2 Utilities
Score 89%
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Oct 01 2010
Is this project still alive? It's not in Fedora23 anymore :-/ (I had to find an external package).

If dead, any alternative? Any way to export content? Nov 27 2015
KMobileTools 1.5.0-SVN20101222 Groupware
Score 83%
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Jun 25 2011

Will this be an akonadi resource?

Will you use libimobiledevice for iPhone/iPhod syncing?

Sep 21 2010
Despite the fact that the ChangLog says it now compile again for KDE 3.2, it seems that it's not true.
The configure script search for makekdewidgets which is a script that appeared in KDE 3.3.0 if I'm correct.
Is there a specific option to configure script to circumvent this problem?

The error:
checking for makekdewidgets... not found
configure: error: The important program makekdewidgets was not found!
Please check whether you installed KDE correctly.

My Distribution: Mandrake 10.1 / KDE 3.2.3 / gcc 3.4

Anyway, this app look realy cool despite the fact I'm stuck to V 0.3.1

BTW: Is there a backup phonebook / restore to another phone feature in 0.4.1? Feb 02 2005
your device line seems wrong: the address of the device has 6 numbers not 5.

Also check that bluetooth service is started (and corectly setup. It's good to setup a computer name instead of bluez(%d %h))

if you start kbluetootd, you should see a message stating that a bluetooth controler has been found.

My config file looks like this:

rfcomm0 {
# Automatically bind the device at startup
bind no;

# Bluetooth address of the device
device 00:0a:28:da:e3:fe;

# RFCOMM channel for the connection
channel 1;

# Description of the connection
comment "V600";
} Sep 09 2004
Replying with RTF is far from being user attractive when there is actualy nothing about bluetooth except "Any phone having modem functions and a serial converter" (which is not obvious for everybody).

More over, I think that the bluetooth stuff must definitely be handled by your program (at least V1.0) using kbluetoothd. Indeed, without this feature, the user as to type wired commands in a root shell which greatly reduce the user friendlyness of your tool.

Regarding bluettoth connection, here is how to proceed:
For the 1st time:
- make your phone bluetooth visible
- as any user type in a shell:
hcitool scan
- identify your phone
- as root, edit /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf
and in the rfcomm0 section, change device address (discovered by the hcitool scan) and give a name to your device in the comment field (example: my_phone).
=> That's all for the config

Then at any time you want to connect your phone:
- make your phone bluetooth visible
- as root in a shell type the command:
rfcomm connect my_phone

and then, to use kmobiletools, use the /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm/0 device

BTW it works perfectly with my Motorola V600 and CKPD dial system.

Anyway, this app is definitely great :-) and looks realy promising.

Best regards. Sep 09 2004
Firefox addon for kwallet KDE4 2.4 Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
Score 87%
13 Dislikes
Oct 17 2014


I'd like to use you plugin, unfortunately, it freeses firefox just after entering the kwallet password.

Please can you have a look at this and fix it before firefox becomes obsolete compared to webkit based upcomming KDE web browsers.

Best regards,

Olivier. Jun 23 2010
KDE Partition Manager 1.0.3 System Software
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Sep 01 2010
Does it supports GPT partition tables? Jan 12 2010
Easy RPM Builder 0.5.6 Development
Score 71%
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Jan 30 2010
It would be cool if kdevelop could integrate this tool.

Generating the binary and source backage for rpm (and deb one day?) would kick ass.

Best regards. Dec 21 2009
KaNDAS 0.2.0 Network
1 comment
Score 60%
40 Dislikes
Aug 23 2009
I did not test yet this app, but it fulfills an abyssal need.

Great great great.

I'll test ASAP and report feedback. May 06 2008
Score 88%
12 Dislikes
Jan 31 2017
It Woiuld be so great to have Hugin and Enbled features added to digikam.

Enblend is a tool for compositing images. Given a set of images that overlap in some irregular way, Enblend overlays them in such a way that the seam between the images is invisible, or at least very difficult to see. Enblend does not line up the images for you. Use a tool like Hugin to do that.

An easy to use cross-platform panoramic imaging toolchain based on Panorama Tools. With hugin you can assemble a mosaic of photographs into a complete immersive panorama, stitch any series of overlapping pictures and much more.

Panorama Tools:
The cross-platform library behind Panorama Tools and many other GUI photo stitchers

PS: digikam is the best photo manbagement programe I've ever seen. Nov 28 2007
kX Generator 0.3.7 System Software
Score 82%
18 Dislikes
Jan 02 2007
Your app is realy wonderfull, and I waited for a long time to have distro replacement of admin tools like this in the kontrole center.

Unfortunately, I think that while it make sense to a sysadmin to have an X configurator, for the end user, its a big mess and he'll get completely lost between kde kbd config, display properties, mouse configuration and your module. Indeed, tere will be 2 places to configure resolution: one for Xorg modes and one for Desktop size which is confusing for the user especialy if the panels are at 2 different places.

A gret thing (IMHO) would be to merge Display properties and some device into you panel, or explode your panel under the device subtree. some part would require root priviledges while other wouldn't.
Example, to fix the above example of screen resolution, you would have a panel: configure screens and a panel configure desktop. (just an idea, the aim is to reduce confusion between Xorg resolution configuration and desktop resolution configuration).

Anyway, great start. :-) Aug 01 2006
With such tool, it'll be less difficult waiting for a coherent Xorg config file.
I'm dreaming about Xorg using /etc/sysconfig files for its config; reading keyboard from /etc/sysconfig/keyboard, probing videocard, probing monitor resolution using DDC, probing mice, and only using a config file for specific unhandled/not probable stuffs.

But thats a dream, and in the meantime, your tool is more than welcome. Especialy for xinerama/dual head configs. May 11 2006
K3b 2.0 Utilities
Score 89%
11 Dislikes
Jun 30 2010
I have one 90min CD that is broken due to suddent power outage at the very beginning of the burning process.
The CD is now seen as a non writable CD.
Of course, eventhough my DVD burner has a burnproof feature, it had no time to put sync marck on the media so it could continue burning process later.

I've heard of some tools to fix thoses type of broken CD by forcing to write an "end session" so you can again append data to the CD?

Do you plan to add this type of feature to k3b? Do you know of any linux software that would do that? (I've read cdrecord, and friends, and the only thing I'v found is some info in TODO files ;-)

I'd realy like to avoid installing windows and a software that has this feature just to recover my 90minutes 99.9% empty CD-R. May 31 2006
'Z' Background Wallpaper Other
Score 52%
48 Dislikes
Nov 10 2001
Saldy, my dive computer does not support KDE.

More seriously, KDE does not support my diving computer (Mares Surveyor), and there is no dive computer logging application under KDE. May 12 2006
KPhotoAlbum 4.0 Graphics
Score 74%
26 Dislikes
May 11 2009
while it could make sens in a way, it is IMHO bad in the long term as there would be less competition (just like on windows where a simple smiley is a shareware and there is few inovation).

More over, dristro have different components maturity and it would cause compatibility problems (not same kernel version, not same glibc version, ...)

And Finaly, despite there is LSB (Linux Standard Base), many distro have their onw way to configure the system. Even with RPM, each rpm based distro have it's ouwn rpm macros and such (just like MS who has its own CSS tags when saving a word document to HTML)

Nevertheless, LSB is aiming to expand stadard among distro, and freedesktop standard may integrate (if not yet) future release of LSB.

In the end you may not be able to install mandriva rpm on a debian (easily), but that's not a problem as all components will be packaged on all distro and behave the same way from the user point of view. May 11 2006
Why so many photo albums with som many kick ass features?

Each of them have their own wonderful feature but lack some others. (some can find similar photos, some can search photo from a quick drawing, some can do some batch processing, some have unique treatment features, some have nice look, some can interact with mail clients, some can have vistual folders, some can exploit exif information for virtual folders, but none has all of thoses. digikam is one having a lot of them, but is far from having all).

digiKam is IMHO a wonderfull photo album software with plugins and great community. Why not adding your kick ass feature to this project and make digikam the best prog ever in this domain instead of reinventing the wheel each time and adding a feature to it.

Nevertheless, congratulation for your softqware, KDE needs talentuous programmers like you. May 10 2006
gwenview 1.4.2 Graphics
Score 80%
20 Dislikes
Sep 17 2007
What are the differences between gwenview and digikam?

Is there some comparison about which does what? Aug 22 2005
KMyFirewall 1.1.1 Security
Score 79%
21 Dislikes
Jan 31 2008

I'd like to use KMyFirewall to maintain all the iptables I've created in my company systems.

Unfortunately, I did not find any options to edit current iptables...

Why not letting the user load the current table with:
iptables-save -c

Or did I missed something? Mar 17 2005
Album Shaper 2.1 Graphics
Score 77%
23 Dislikes
Apr 11 2005
Instead of creating albums from scratch, could you add an option to create an album from a directory.

Juste like digikam does. It's pretty convenient way to quickly switch to you app if needed.

Indeed, most of people testing your app have already a collection of photo albums often organized as directories and subdirectories. Having the above functionality would greatly help. Mar 16 2005
Please add support for KDE integration (even if it remains an option so non KDE users can still use it without loading extraneous libs).

I'm realy missing KDE File dialog box with bookmarks previews and left shortcuts icons.

Support for digikamimage-plugins and kipi-plugins would be cool too.

Best regards. Mar 15 2005
I also had to update the following files: AlbumShaper.xcode/project.pbxproj src/main.cpp

I've created a spec file for MDK, but I don't know how to attach it. It aims to be Mandrake RPM architecture compliant. (though not perfect IMHO)

Best regards. Mar 15 2005
Seems greate App, but please, remove the /usr/local hardcoded location.

This place is dedicated to my compilation and install trash. If it works, then I package the thing for a /usr relative location and I remove /usr/local directory. Mar 15 2005
kdetv 0.8.9 Video
Score 79%
21 Dislikes
Aug 06 2006
In France, DVB-T will be rolled out on March 14th 2005. Will kdetv supports DVB-T cards?

Note: Analog tv will be stopped in 2010.

Example of cards I may purchase:
- ADS Tech Instant TV DVB-T PCI
- Hauppauge WinTV NOVA-t PCI
- Pinnacle PCTV MediaCenter 300i Mar 05 2005
oOo Noatun Skins
Score 31%
69 Dislikes
Oct 06 2001
I'd be really happy to install beta releases to test new features and bug reports, unfortunately as many other (I suppose), I'm stuck with the high tunning of my distribution.

Mandrake and certainly other distros are customizing menus and other things, and thus, using a KDE tree that is not in /usr leads to missing features and problems.

1st example is the display manager which has to be registered in the prefdm system, other examples are special looks that are not part of default KDE tree and more. and I don't speak about missing entries in the menu (non kde apps and distro admin/specific tools at least)

I like very much Mandrake for its good support regarding hardware and so, but I hate them because they are always releasing outdated KDE versions in there distrio due to time missing for special tunning.

Maybe KDE team could contact each vendors and organize a common base or a easy tunning tool (or standard) so the tunning cycle time would be reduced for distro makers and it would also be easy to install beta releases and apply distro tunning prefs to it. Feb 03 2005
K-Nine05r Noatun Skins
Score 34%
66 Dislikes
Oct 06 2001
Having thinks like the following would be really cool during holidays:
- Beach towels
- Swimsuits (both men and women (1p 2p))
- swimming trunks
- pareos
- beach volley balls
- sun glasses Jan 24 2005
kconfigure 2.1 Development
Score 76%
24 Dislikes
Mar 16 2005
to create packages for any distro:

tar xvfj kconfigure-2.0.tar.bz2
cd kconfigure-2.0
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install
enable checkinstall
(example for Mandrake:
/usr/bin/checkinstall --pkgarch=i586 --pkgrelease=1mdk)
select configure script
install as root
install package. It will overwrite the files installed in /usr by make install and then you'll be able to depollute you system in case you want to remove kconfigure. Jan 07 2005
Why not add some specific distro flags in the configuration.
example: checkinstall flags for Mandrake would be: --pkgarch=i586 --pkgrelease=1mdk

Increasing pkgrelease at each build would be cool too.

Having the hability to join post/pre:un/install script would be cool.

An excellent thing would also to be able to chose the group.
example: in Mandrake
groups are not the same as RedHat. Having a dropdown menu would help to chose correct values.

Having the ability to check for dependancies would be great too (looking at "checking for" lines during configure phase, search fo the stuff, locate package containing it and create the Requires: line) (very HARD imho but feasable).
An other option would be to propose Require fields.

Or better: juste befor install, open a fill'in form with missing fields like packager, URL, Requires, ....
that would be just like a print dialog.
=> Doing a dialog box analog to a print dialog with fields to fill in before realy create the package would be awesome :-)

Finaly the ability to also generate the SRPM would greatly help as it would allow to tweak it :-)

Anyway, V2.0 is already awesome :-) Jan 07 2005
KInstaller 0.2 System Software
Score 78%
22 Dislikes
Jul 12 2005
It would be realy winderfull if this tool could generate packages in RPM or DEB format.

A page regrouping dependances, packages dependancies and groups could also be added. Jan 06 2005
Filelight 1.0 System Software
Score 84%
16 Dislikes
Sep 01 2006
I have the same Error on my Mandrake 10.1 using KDE 3.2.3

It seems that makekdewidgets appeared in kdelibs-devel-3.2.91 and is part of KDE 3.3.x only.

Can someone confirm this?

Any alternatives to compile it for KDE 3.2.3? (the mandrake package is 1.0-beta2)

thanks in advance. Nov 24 2004
Real KDE XP 0.1 Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
Score 54%
46 Dislikes
Oct 21 2004

Does your style supports the XP "Unofficial" Royal theme from media center? Oct 20 2004
Score 75%
25 Dislikes
Aug 05 2005

A "google like" tool bar is definitely a MUST for Konq, nevertheless, I think that by now search feature becomes fuzzy in the konq interface:
Indeed, you have:
- web shortcuts
- konq search combo
- your toolbar.

What would be realy GREAT would be to remasterize the whole thing with ONE full featured search tool natively integrated.

Example: in Konq prefs, you could say: I'm using shortcuts, so I disable the search specifi fields, but I realy want the buttons to be displayed so I can highlight the searched words.

Such an integration would reduce a lot redundancy (search engines prefs and so) and increase ergonomy a lot.

Best regards. Aug 12 2004
Send through Bluetooth Dolphin Service Menus
Score 39%
61 Dislikes
Jul 05 2004
kdebluetooth-0.0.cvs20040302-3mdk.i586.rpm from Mandrake 10.0 runs perfectly with my Motorola V600 Cellphone on my DELL D600 laptop.

The version of this software does not reflect the quality of this software which is far better that it sound like.

I think V1.0 would be more appropriate as I've not been able to find any problem wile using it up to now.

In order to make things work I did:
- installed bluez packages
- changed name in /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf
- restarted bluetooth
- installed kdebluetooth

nothing more and it worked perfectly :-) Jul 06 2004
PG Calculator 2.2-10 Science
Score 78%
22 Dislikes
Aug 10 2008

Is it GPL or Shareware?
On it is said to be GPL, but on the site, it is said to be a shareware......... Apr 15 2004
Umicons 2.0 2.0 Individual Icons/-sets
Score 77%
23 Dislikes
Oct 12 2003
I don't blame you, in the contrary, I congratulate you for your fabulous work.
Thanks to guys like you, the KDE community can enjoy some fabulous artworks.

I'm just sad that the license (that you're not responsible for) prevent users in a company to enjoy this artwork on their desktop.

The drawback of such a licence is that it may never get included in a general distribution and get only a marginal diffusion (limited to kdelook visitors)

Anyway, it clear that anybody is free to decide what one can do with the result of his hard work, and I strongly respect this choice.

In the RPM, I've put the following header. Do you think it is apropriate?

Vendor: Norbalin
License: Restricted
Summary: Umicons 2.0 Icons set.
Packager: Olivier Lahaye

The Umicons 2.0 Icons from Mattahan ported to KDE by Norbalin!
Many thanks goes to mattahan for his agreement to convert this icons for Linux/KDE!!!

PS: The SPEC RPM and SRPM have not been spreaded and will not be until I have the authoristion of course.

PPS: On the KDElook sumup, the License says "read the readme". Thus I was obliged to download it before reading the readme...

Best regards. Oct 16 2003
I was trying to create a Mandrake Package for use inside my company.
I did not find any "README" file and started the package creation.
After finishing the RPM and testing install I've discovered the "readme damnit!!!.txt" and sadly discovered that companies are not welcome to use these icons....
So I stoppped immediately my idea to deploy it for my users in order to respect the licence.

Anyway, now I have a spec file and instead of removing it I think it would be a more intelligent idea to contribut it to the communitiy.

My question is: how do I contribute to it. (how can I publish it on this site as a contrib to Umicons instead of creating a new entry that could be seen in a bad way by the author)

PS: of course I won't spend my company time for packaging next versions of this icon-set as I'm not allowed to use it in return.

Regards. Oct 15 2003