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by Volki
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Sep 28 2008

There is a createEditor() function both in Property and QVariantDelegate class
and i would like to understand the difference betwen each of these


- Feb 04 2009
Hello forum,

i want to discuss some issues related to custom widgets using Qt designer that you have used.

when a widget is not there we have to create
the widget class a subclass of the nearest
parent class available. And that parent class work
as a placeholder for the customized one.

What if we have a customized widget that is the child of Qtreeview
and we want that customized widget to be contained inside dock widget.
And how to do that from within Qt Designer using the promotion?

You have done the very same thing in the widget which i cannot find

Any hint would be great help!!!

Sajjad - Dec 10 2008

I am trying to read a node database along
with their respective field structures

Each field of different type.

The Nodes are already loaded from the database in a tree view.

When the user click on one of the nodes
the respective field with different types of that node will be loaded as well. and the user can edit them the mechanism is already provided in that!. Thanks to Volki again.

What changes do i have to make to get what i would like to have

Please let me know if anyone need more explanation to that issue

Sajjad - Nov 25 2008
That is really nice widget!!!

I am quite new to Qt and have a question

inside the createEditor() function

there is a function called setProperty()

where there is a variant passed INT_MAX

I did not really understand that; Should that not be declared somewhere?

- Oct 23 2008
Hdr reading plugin

Qt Components 5 comments

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Jul 15 2008
Hello mchara,

Thanks for the plugin

But i have having the following error while compiling it.


CSimpleOperator.cpp:12:18: error: Math.h: No such file or directory
In file included from CSimpleOperator.hpp:15,
from CSimpleOperator.cpp:13:
ui_CSimpleOperator.h:20:24: error: cspinbox.hpp: No such file or directory
In file included from CSimpleOperator.hpp:13,
from CSimpleOperator.cpp:13:
CToneMapperBase.hpp:19: error: expected initializer before ‘CToneMapperBase’
make[2]: *** [CSimpleOperator.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/sajjad/downloads/QtApp/HDRReader/Green/src/Qt_Extensions/HighRadiance/ToneMappingMgr'
make[1]: *** [sub-ToneMappingMgr-make_default] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/sajjad/downloads/QtApp/HDRReader/Green/src/Qt_Extensions/HighRadiance'
make: *** [sub-HighRadiance-make_default] Error 2

*******************************' - Jan 22 2009