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Dec 13 2008
I used this in intrepid and it was one of only three that worked for it but I down graded to hardy so I wouldnt have to deal with all the bugs in intrepid and now it doesnt work, Please let me know if you can do this. - Mar 10 2009
USplash Theme Fingerprint

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by Phylu
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Nov 22 2013
this is the error message( i would show you but i cant find a place to upplaod it at on this reply)

Could not open 'usplash-theme-fingerprint_0.12_i386.deb

The package might be corrupted or you are not allowed to open the file. Check permissions of the file.

Which i did and I have full access to it.
I guess I'll chock it up to another usplash that I cant use, I dont know how to compile it and so far I cant get anyone to give me a how to or tutorial on how to do this. - Jan 19 2009
when i double cliked on it it says that its either corrupt that i dont have the authority to open it ( which I checked using properties and I do have the authorization)or theres some sort of error with it that wont allow it to open, so what do I do? - Jan 19 2009
could not open this file after i downloaded it? Ive included a screen shot I hope it shows up, so what gives?

/home/mark/Pictures/could not open 'usplash-theme-fingerprint_0.12_i386.jpeg

- Jan 18 2009
JapUbuntu Usplash Theme

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by gsaw
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Jan 17 2009
But that doesnt explain why i dont get anything at all, I dont care if its a lil distorted , but it seems as though most of the usplahes Ive tried dont work even the ones that are supposed to work on intrepid, besides when I set them to a widescreen resolution it should still display, but no, Ive only found 1 usplash that works besides the default. Simple line, but its really small and my sum is set up for 1024x768, if I change it to a smaller or bigger res it just screws up the boot screen, anyways I just thought id let you know that once again this one isnt working for me, I hope it works for others. - Jan 19 2009
I installed the deb packadge and it shows up in the start up manager but it wont apply it , if Im doing some thing wrong a short tutorial would be helpfull, Im using intrepid so it should work right? Do I have to compile this or what? - Jan 18 2009
SimplyLine - Usplash theme

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by Spox5
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Jun 09 2010
This the first screen Ive been able to get to work on intrepid , You should really think about doing more!!!!! Simple and clean just the way I like it!! - Jan 18 2009