Magnus Berg Burgsvik, Gotland, Sweden
Skulpture 0.2.4 Various Plasma Styles
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Jul 31 2017
I'm on a new period with KDE (away from XFCE4) and Skulpture is the way to make KDE look like I want the gui to look, with not so much empty and useless space. With Skulpture one can set this up with pixel precision.
GTK2 apps looks ok to. Just add a .gtkrc-2.0 with a line for the font you use. Like this: "gtk-font-name="FreeSans Regular 11"". And add a link with the name .gtkrc-2.0-kde4 pointing to .gtkrc-2.0. Those files should be on the highest herarki level among the config files in your home directory.
The reason that I'm here,writing this, is that I was on the way to list me as a fan of Skulpture but was told that I already was one. ;-) Jun 24 2014
One big differens between QT (KDE) and GTK (Gnome, Xfce o dyl) is that in QT there are lots of unused space in the window headers (menus, toolbars o dyl). Skulpture make it possible to get rid of that, it's up to the user. I don't like wasting screen space. Therefor Skulpture can be the theme that take me back to KDE after a couple of years on the other side (Xfce). I have exported my GTK colors to Skulpture and feel like home.
Home :-) Mar 28 2010
GrayCatXfce XFCE/XFWM4 Themes
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Mar 17 2014
I use Stoneage as window manager theme. Jun 15 2013
Flush 0.5 Network
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May 16 2009
Because no one else had wrote any comments i will give credit to Flush and it's developer. I'm not very interested in torrent clients but had tried a few and I liked Flush best. Jul 20 2011
SmoothCatXfce 0.01 XFCE/XFWM4 Themes
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Sep 05 2007
That a great theme you have done. I have been working on a quite dark and neutral grey theme both yesterday and today. But now it seems that I can stop that waste of time. Your theme is much nicer than one I would have come up with.
It's your first theme, and this is my first comment on this site. I registered only to be able to prase your work. ;-) Feb 12 2009