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Smooth Tasks

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by panzi
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Nov 05 2010

Thanks for making me eat my words, as I too noticed the lack of expanding tasks when I started using icon-tasks. Okay, off to compile flupp's fork. - Jan 29 2012
I guess upstream took up Icon-Tasks: So long smooth-tasks, you worked like a charm for 2.5 years. - Jan 28 2012
.deb of wip 2009-09-10

Build Machine:
Kubuntu Jaunty x64
KDE 4.3.1
QT 4.5.2 - Sep 09 2009
@ 2) Actually it seems that the mouse wheel simply cycles back to the beginning of the tooltip panel. I guess I cycled too fast through the grouped programs to notice earlier. Now I do not know if this is better or worse than simply having the mouse wheel stop when it reaches one edge. Good job! - Sep 01 2009
Thanks for the latest round of updates!

@1) The bug still remains. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that it is a java program (12 items), I msg'd you with the screenshots. Also, it currently inhibits the behavior of the mousewheel of 2), probably due to the inability to draw the close button.

@2) Likes like a good beginning. One thing I found is that when I scroll to a grouped instance that lies off the screen, the tooltip panel immediately refocuses back to where the mouse pointer lies. - Sep 01 2009
Hey Panzi,

Great work so far with smooth tasks. I was impressed with the stability of the last release (08262009). Here are a few observations:

1) I noticed when I have many windows of the same program open, smooth-tasks will not redraw the tooltip panel after the program's thumbnails extends over a certain horizontal threshold. All that is left are floating thumbnails without the tooltip panel. I can use my mouse pointer to horizontally scroll through them back and forth. Fortunately, the image analysis program I use is the only one that necessitates opening many images, each getting grouped with the program.

2) Will horizontal scrolling of the tooltip panel using the mouse wheel be implemented in near future? So far, the mouse wheel will only cycle through the thumbnails present on the screen. The ones off to the side (offscreen) are not presented, which is reasonable given that the tooltip panel remains static. Horizontal scrolling of the panel is enabled only with the mouse pointer, which is fine so far. IMHO, I think using the mouse wheel for horizontal scrolling of the tooltip panel is better ergonomically. Ideally, it would be nice to see that either moving the mouse pointer or mouse wheel will initiate the horizontal movement of the tooltip panel. - Aug 31 2009
hmm, the video only shows how to pin and unpin shortcuts to the taskbar, which one can easily do by dragging an application from the system menu onto kde 4's panel. As for myself, I prefer to keep my taskbar clutterfree, which is why I utilize cairo-dock for launching my programs.

Here's a better video showing some capabilities of the new win7 taskbar: - Aug 26 2009

Thanks for the latest round of improvements. I guess my earlier request was for implementation of the mouse wheel scroll to move the the entire tooltip panel in order to be able to scroll through grouped programs that extend beyond the screen border quickly. Originally, simply placing the mouse on the border to move the tooltip panel over proved to be a little too slow for my liking.

Now, scrolling through programs does not seem to scroll over the programs that are kept off screen. Also, if I scroll to one instance of the program and place my mouse on another instance, there are now two close buttons on display. This might be confuse some users. Maybe it is easier to remove this feature and implement the mouse wheel to move the entire tooltip panel instead. Sorry for not being as specific in my earlier request as I am now. Keep up the good work! - Aug 23 2009
First off, thanks for threadjacking my feature request buddy. Second, coming and stomping around like a little child while demanding others to do something for you because you hold your nose up at the mere thought of compiling a small binary is not going to win hearts and minds around here. Yeah, I could make a deb quite easily (sudo make checkinstall), but what is the point? In 24-48 hours, it is going to be obsolete anyways given the rapid pace of its development--of which I don't mind at all ;). Compiling this plasmoid takes a few seconds and the instructions are plainly written in the INSTALL text, which consists of only three commands. - Aug 22 2009
Seems like someone is developing a fork like what is stated in your description. - Aug 22 2009
answered at the bottom of page 3. - Aug 21 2009
Hi again,

Another feature request. I wonder if it difficult to allow one to use the mouse wheel to scroll through grouped tooltips quickly? Thanks! - Aug 21 2009
Coincidently, I had to restart X before reading your reply, and it appears to be fixed. Oh yeah, I made sure I removed stasks from the panel, uninstalled it (sudo make uninstall), etc. You are right, I had to restart plasma before seeing the changes in effect. Thanks! - Aug 20 2009
Uninstalled 8202009, compiled and installed 8212009. After running kbuildsycoca4, I placed the plasmoid back into the panel. Using Downthemall, a downloading extension for Firefox, I downloaded a series of files and the behavior/bug (tooltip focus stealing) remained, consistantly taking the focus back to the program (downloadthemall/firefox) that had the updating title bar. - Aug 20 2009
I was about to post about this bug as well. Again, if there is a program "a" whose window title is changing (i.e. displaying downloading stats a la Firefox's download dialog), then tooltips will immediately steal focus away from highlighted program "b" back to program "a", even though the mouse cursor is still on program "b". - Aug 20 2009
With daily updates, it is much easier to manage them from their build directories. I'd much rather have the dev spend time on providing new features and fixing bugs than trying to compile daily packages for every major distro. - Aug 13 2009
I guess it would be more correct to call it a bug, the KNOWN ISSUE you mentioned in the description section (redraw errors from rapid mouse movement). - Aug 12 2009
I think the OP wants stasks to become more and more like win7's taskbar. I am not totally for this, as I'm currently fine with the way it is nominally setup. Just performance bugs and features that need to be ironed out ;) - Aug 12 2009
Hey, thanks for the quick reply and even quicker updates! :) I share your same concerns in that I too want the plasmoid to be hovery; implementing a scrollbar would definitely destroy the desired effect.

As to why the hoverscroll didn't work earlier, I think I mistakenly reverted to stasks-peek when I couldn't compile one of your sources earlier (see msg about #98..) and I had no idea where I put your earlier code. I actually found your hoverscroll to be quite nice and smooth. However, under the new preview style (which I prefer), the preview window is not present if the number of tasks extend beyond a certain width.

If you do not mind me saying, I do not think adding add'l rows should be too jarring for those of us with transparent themes, provided that it remains an option that can be manipulated and disabled. Thanks for the steady stream of updates! - Aug 12 2009
THanks for everything so far. When there are quite a few apps grouped up, I find that the previewer extends horizontally and off the edge of the screen. Is it possible to have the previewer extended down to occupy a second row if it reaches a screen edge initially? Thanks again! The new previewer looks great, except when it comes to previewing kopete. ehhh, it something that I live with at this time. - Aug 11 2009
-- Configuring done
CMake Error in CMakeLists.txt:
Cannot find source file "stasks_fadedtext.cpp". Tried extensions .c .C
.c++ .cc .cpp .cxx .m .M .mm .h .hh .h++ .hm .hpp .hxx .in .txx

Kubuntu Jaunty
KDE 4.3.0
Qt 4.5.2 - Aug 10 2009
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017
Actually, I meant to say that provides the temp, but does not provide the current weather icon and there is some html code exposed where the cityname should be. - Oct 30 2011
Accuweather (F) does not work at all. (F) only provides the current temp. - Oct 30 2011
In my case, this bug always pops up when I elect to place cwp in a panel, so that I can obtain weather info in a more unobtrusive way. It works fine initially, but the bug rears its ugly head whenever I restart X. Compiled and installed on a clean kubuntu jaunty system with kde 4.3.0, qt 4.5.2. - Aug 11 2009

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Jun 29 2013
cool, thanx for the updates! :) - Nov 18 2010
Seems like went to a new format for their reviews now... - Nov 07 2010

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Sep 30 2009
Running amarok 1.4.10, kde 4.4.4 on arch64 with imagemagick installed. I noticed that there are cover thumbnails coming through your script. The DCOP call brings up the correct thumbnail, but the notification script simply draws a white icon with a question mark. It worked for some albums very rarely maybe due to the fact that they probably had embedded covers in their id3s. Still, if DCOP calls up the correct thumbnail, why should it matter if the covers are embedded or not? - Jun 20 2010
Elegant Air KDM Theme

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Aug 22 2009
Bravo for the wonderful kdm theme! I just switched its background.svg to my current wallpaper for consistency. Two thumbs up! - Apr 26 2010

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Mar 21 2009
Well, then continue to wait. I think the author of smooth-tasks has done a heck of a job, and has been, for the most part, highly receptive to those who suggested new ideas/features. Furthermore, he is quick to credit those who came before him or offered help. Who knows whether the original author was going to go in the same direction. It seems to me that smooth-tasks is highly community-driven, which a welcome sight indeed. - Oct 31 2009
Great to see the addition of new features such as alphabetical sorting and the overall speed of development. Now onward to the ability of grouping items :). - Feb 27 2009
Mousegestures for all Browsers

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Feb 21 2010
Now, if there was a mouse gesture for minimizing the browser window. - Oct 21 2009
Remember The Milk Google Gadget Plasmoid

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Mar 22 2009
This worked fine up to ten days ago, where thereafter it has been unable to logon. I can logon into the site just fine, but this plasmoid seems to be unable to even though it says that my login is authenticated. - Sep 09 2009
STDIN Plasmoid

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Feb 08 2009
here's mine:

printf "Free RAM: ";echo `free -m | grep "buffers/cache:" | cut -c37-41` MB - Sep 03 2009
here's mine:

printf "Free RAM: ";echo `free -m | grep "buffers/cache:" | cut -c37-41` MB - Sep 03 2009

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Feb 17 2009
simple, elegant. I like it! - Sep 01 2009
Currency Convertor

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by kilah
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Nov 26 2008
Cannot compile..

CMake Error at /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindPlasma.cmake:13 (message):
FindPlasma.cmake is deprecated. Now with KDE 4.2 Plasma is part of kdelibs
and automatically found using find_package(KDE4) instead.

Replace the variables previously coming from FindPlasma.cmake as follows:



set anyway

PLASMA_FOUND -> nothing, it's always there if KDE4, version 4.2 or newer
has been found.

If you see this error message in a module within KDE/, update it from svn,
it has been fixed already. - May 26 2009
Bare Naked

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Aug 23 2017
I would like to chime in and say that I enjoy using this theme, in combination with naked for the info dialogs and krunner. I kind of wish that author would revert the pager theme to the one used in 1.0, akin to naked's pager.

Yes, the clock in 2.0 could still use a little work, but I can use other clocks from other themes, so that is one little niggle that I can forgive. - Feb 26 2009
Smooth Tasks

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by panzi
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Aug 21 2009

Plasma 4 Widgets

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Feb 26 2009