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Database Oct 29 2006
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by knorr
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Oct 29 2006
libhk_kdeclasses is part of the knoda package (it's impossible to compile knoda without creating hk_kdeclasses automatically), so it must be an installation error

Horst - Jan 31 2006
Currently it is only available within forms, There you can call it in the toolbar. - Dec 02 2004
You probably did install knoda via rpm.
There is another package missing. I recommend to compile knoda from the sources

First install the -devel rpms
mysql-devel.rpm (or postgres-devel.rpm)

The exact name of the rpms is distribution specific
Then compile
hk_classes with

make install (as root)

and Knoda with

./configure --prefix=/opt/kde3
make install (as root)

Horst - Nov 16 2004
> can we expect sqlite3 support ?
That's in work in the moment

>... will there be ways to export results from SQL querys ?
That's already possible. Select the query, then select File->Export in the menu

> ...will it be possible to import the XML-Data that can be exported ?
In the not so soon future, yes

> ... do you plan to support transferring data between different databases/database-backends ?
That's already implemented, simply drag& drop between 2 database windows, that's all - Oct 04 2004
If you can login, but the database list remains empty, your user (exactly the user/host combination) has no access to any database. See the documentation of Mysql about the privilege system for details. If your user-account is allowed to create databases, you should be able to create a new (empty) database though. - Sep 23 2004
you need version 0.7.1-test2 of hk_classes. knoda finds only an older version (probably 0.7.1-test1) on your computer - Sep 15 2004
Probably you simply don't have the access right to the remote database. See the Mysql documentation (chapter 5.5) about the privilege system for details - Sep 05 2004