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Jul 09 2012
You have the option to visit the Sourceforge (SF) site for a source tarball release (, pull the source from SF SVN or execute "apt-get source packagesearch" (Debian). - Nov 04 2006
Well usally integrating two programs is not easy. Each follows a different class design, has another UI layout and perhaps most important a different main developer who put a lot of effort into the application...
You can reuse some ideas, algorithms and classes, but I think seldom there comes a large benefit from merging two programs. Mostly it comes down to dropping one application, in favour for the other and reimplementing some of its features.
Additionally packagesearch is a QT only program, and I'm trying to keep it like this.

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- Oct 03 2005
Hm, do you have the testing or stable version (they are pretty ancient already...)? The unstable version now offers the often requested feature of allowing to (un)install packages. Though it does this in a rather crude way using an xterm.

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- Oct 03 2005