Dennis RĂ¼nger

Individual Icons/-sets 244 comments

by dave
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Oct 15 2004
... the best! - Jun 18 2003
Modified SuSE KWin Border

KDE 3.x Window Decorations 12 comments

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Dec 19 2002
nice! - Dec 18 2002
Spot the fish - PNG with Alpha

Wallpaper Other 14 comments

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Aug 26 2002
... rocks! - Aug 27 2002
Piratensender Powerplay

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 5 comments

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Jul 26 2002
Oh Mann, bei jedem KDE-Start die beiden Nasen? Wer h - Jul 26 2002
Crystal GT

Icon Themes 385 comments

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Jun 15 2007
There is a reason when people notice that a KDE theme looks XP-ish. When KDE looks like a copy of Win XP, people will expect KDE to function like XP. However, KDE ought to be seen as an alternative to Windows and not as a mere copy of it that users would eventually turn away from because it doesn't doesn't do as well as the original.So, giving KDE a look of its own is more than a question of personal taste, it's also a statement about what KDE strives to be. - Jul 25 2002
I too believe it would be great if all traces of foreign icon sets would eventually be erased from Crystal.
I think 'permission' wasn't meant in the legal sense of the word. It probably referred to them being allowed to work on the Crystal icon project as employees of Connectiva and SuSE. - Jul 25 2002
How about the arrows in the toolbar? As I said above, no big deal, but IMHO they come straight from Win XP. - Jul 24 2002
I was referring to the arrows in the toolbar. As far as I can tell, they come straight from Win XP. Not that it really matters to me... - Jul 24 2002
In terms of style and design, Everaldo's contribution to KDE is unsurpassed. Thanks to Everaldo, KDE now has a stylish look of its own. Too bad that some XP icons have slipped into this icon set. I replaced them with the gray menu icons that Everaldo posted a couple days ago. - Jul 24 2002
Open Office Crystal Icons

Individual Icons/-sets 15 comments

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May 02 2002
...contribution to the icon theme! - May 03 2002
kde3 xp style

KDE 3.5 Themes 265 comments

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Apr 11 2008
I personally prefer to give KDE a look of its own, but I guess an XP theme/style doesn't hurt anybody. As for this style: remarkably close to the real one with one big drawback: the panel looks butt ugly. And I guess that's the real problem with copying the look of other OS: You will never get it quite right. - Apr 30 2002
Sort of Keramik

Ice-WM Themes 27 comments

by Matti
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Apr 13 2002
It may have taken you only 10 minutes, but it still beats about 90% of the decorations. I wonder how this turns out if you actually spend twice as much time on it ;) - Apr 07 2002