Antonio Roberts

Nautilus Scripts 62 comments

by Thura
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Jul 07 2012
Would you be able to add the ability to rename the files with random numbers between a certain value e.g. /numrandom1-20 or something like that? - Sep 15 2010
Window Applets

Gnome Extensions 374 comments

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Aug 03 2017
Perhaps have the preferences removed when it's uninstalled - May 10 2010
I removed this package prior to upgrading Ubuntu but it's still putting the window title in the panel and hiding the title bar in a maximised window. Are these settings stored externally somewhere? - Apr 30 2010
Sorry, my mistake for not looking hard enough! Thanks for a great application. I wonder how it'll work in Gnome 3 - Jan 24 2010
Could you add a way to have the maximised window title be displayed in the gone panel? - Jan 24 2010

Video Apps 120 comments

by justi
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Mar 05 2010
It's ok, it seems it's because of the ATI graphics card. It doesn't provide hardware acceleration for libfb, which is what most desktop recorders use: - Apr 19 2010
Great software. It's the only one that actually gives me a decent framerate and workable interface!

I'm having a few problems in that when I press record, even if the framerate is set to 10/15, my windows start to move a lot slower. Are there any bug reports that I can send?

Also, as suggested by some people maybe you could add a plugin that launches key-mon when the program is loaded - Feb 04 2010

Utilities 3 comments

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Dec 23 2009
Easy to install and very useful! - Aug 10 2009