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QScale Qt Widgets
thanks for your comments.
1) I've quickly looked into the code to see, why it does not work with switches max/min values. Here is a quick patch:
< for(int i = 0; i <= (int)(minorSteps * valueSpan / majorStep); i++){
> for(int i = 0; i <= (int)(minorSteps * abs(valueSpan) / majorStep); i++){
< painter->rotate(majorStep * angleSpan / (-valueSpan * minorSteps));
> painter->rotate(majorStep * angleSpan / (-fabs(valueSpan) * minorSteps));
< for(int i = (int)ceil(m_minimum / majorStep);
< i <= (int)(m_maximum / majorStep); i++){
> for(int i = (int)ceil(fmin(m_minimum, m_maximum) / majorStep);
> i <= (int)(fmax(m_minimum, m_maximum) / majorStep); i++){

I've done this in quite short time, and I don't know the code anymore, as I have written it years ago. So it is not unlikely, that it has inintended side effects.

2) I initially planned to do that, but I think you are more flexible, when using a extra widget. In my applications I did it that way. The reason is, that it looks too tiny, if you use the standard font. In case you make it bold and bigger, it does not line up with the other fonts in the GUI. So the only option is to provide full font formatting options in the API. This produces code and you still are less flexible (can not use QLCDNumber).

3) This should be easy to add (filling some circle with a QConicalGradient brush). The only effort is to write a sensible API to define the velues for that.

Well, while these things are no big deal, I'm not shure, If I find time in near future to add them, as I did not program in C++ for years now.
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