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KCometen4 Screensavers
Feb 21 2016
KCometen4 Screensavers
Feb 21 2016
KCometen4 Screensavers
Dec 24 2013
KCometen4 Screensavers
Hello all,

This is a hack and will be over written by an update to KDE but it is easy and it works so you can just fix it again after an update.

1. Install scrot (it takes screenshots)

2. Make a text file called kscreenlocker_greet and put this in it:


scrot /tmp/ss-kcometen4.png

Right click it and do properties and check mark executable etc.

3. Go to /lib64/kde4/libexec and rename kscreenlocker_greet to kscreenlocker_greet.bin

This is for a 64 bit system. On 32 bit I think it will be in /lib/kde4/libexec . Whatever the case it will be where ever you find the original kscreenlocker_greet file.

4. Copy your new kscreenlocker_greet script file to /lib64/kde4/libexec or where ever you found the original.

5. Goto Kcometen4 settings and on the background tab select image source "File", and select the file /tmp/ss-kcometen4.png

I had trouble because this file didn't exist and typing it in didn't work, it wouldn't keep the setting. If you let the computer cycle

the screenlocker one time the file will exist and then you can change the setting. I use a Ramdisk for my tmp foler so it is empty at boot.

You can use any folder you want to store the screenshot like your home folder. You change that in this part of the script

Like this, where the script says "scrot /tmp/ss-kcometen4.png", you can make it /where ever you want/anywhere/ss-kcometen4.png

and just set Kcomenten4 to use the image path /where ever you want/anywhere/ss-kcometen4.png


It takes a screenshot, and then KDE does its thing and blanks the display, displays the login on your screen saver etc.

But then Kcometen4 grabs and displays the screenshot that was just taken, before KDE wiped the screen and displayed the login!!!

You end up with your desktop as your screen saver as intended but you have to hit ESC to exit, and unlock the screen.

KDE 4.10.2 does this no matter what. I don't know how higher versions of KDE do this.

I admit it is a nasty little hack but it works. Until someone comes up with something better it will do for me.

It still displays the mouse pointer too as that is in the KDE code. If an update kills it,

rename the original again and put your script back. They don't update very often.

My cat walks on my keyboard and deletes stuff so locking the screen is a good deal for me!!!

If you don't use a password to login, you just hit ESC, and then click Unlock.

My cat can't do that!

By the way, I've been using Kcometen for my screen saver since 2006 or 2007...way back. Love it!
Dec 24 2013