Senor Solar Murmansk, Russian Federation
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GTK Leopard GTK2 Themes
Feb 26 2010
GTK Leopard GTK2 Themes
Feb 26 2010
GTK Leopard GTK2 Themes
Your theme is great, I think it's much more better than Mac4Lin and Aurora Leopard BSM and imitates MacOSX look very closely.

But I have some bugs using this theme, so could you advice anything to fix it.

1) how to change panel's background in *rc files. I've tried to do it from menu but got this effect:

2) button's labels don't align exactly on center but slightly lower it. Is it able to fix it? Or maybe it's effect of Russian localisation?

As a little advice, I'd like to see in your theme more imitation of MacOSX's filebrowser sidebar - maybe it will be better to hide close button of nautilus sidebar?
And in MacOSX sidebar and folders in filebrowser divided by more light ruler.
And finally is able to make left and right buttons in nautilus close to each other like in Mac?

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.
Feb 24 2010