Jeroen Versteeg
Currency Converter

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Nov 08 2013
thanks (and quick too ;)

Maybe the easiest (stop-gap) measure would be to refresh on-click then? - Mar 12 2010
I like it!

One feature however is necessary for usage with wireless: It should refresh when the link comes up (either automatically by notification or by polling, or on-click or something)

Now it blocks with "no network connection" as soon as I log in, before my wireless has come on line, and I have to remove the plasmoid and re-install it to be able to use it. - Mar 12 2010
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

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Sep 02 2017

apparently that was not the only thing,
also the min/max temperatures below the 5-day forecast icons are gone. I have fiddled a little, without success. When I have more time I may look into it more, but your solution would of course be highly appreciated ;)

(btw. I also checked the 0.9.17 xml, it seems the same)

Cheers - Dec 09 2009
Great plasmoid! I use it often to check the weather before a business trip or to influence weekend plans.

Recently, my locations stopped showing icons. Changing all occurences of




in the xml file solved the problem.

(cwp-0.9.16 on Kubuntu Karmic) - Dec 09 2009