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Cursors Jan 09 2005
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KDE 3 Color Schemes Jul 22 2004
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RevRedux 2

Cursors Jun 16 2004
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Illusion Noatun Skins
Jan 11 2005
DeepSky Cursors
Jan 10 2005
BASEnation Cursors
Dec 19 2004
B.A.S.E Cursors
Nov 25 2004
Atomblue KDE 2 Themes
No one in Windows land need Linux apps, I never used any Linux app on Windows nor I intend to do, the reason is simple: it's not needed, why would I use K3B if I have Nero or KMail if I have other native clients?

What these apps need is more focus in make them work better and simpler, not wasted effort in porting them for nothing, simply because no one is gonna use them, normally even freeware Windows apps are better that Linux counterpart, one simple but devastating example is Irfanview, so get real and finish coding your apps.

Before I forget don't even try to babble about these apps being GPL and free while the other are commercial, no one gives a damn and only makes Linux people look like bad lawyers.

Finally no one is going to move to Linux because of the apps they have in Windows that's obvious, if they already have them why move? It's plain silly!
The only way to make people move to Linux is fixing it and give people lots of things they don't have in Windows and make a hell lot of publicity and markting. Don't expect normal folks to move to Linux without a reason, I've moved to Linux because of my curiosity about it but by no means I changed because I thinked Linux is better or has anything better than Windows to offer me.

Also to move people to Linux you need to fix it as I said because having toolkit nightmares (this is really the dumbest thing I've ever seen), infinite distros, bad config tools, and 3Gb to download and not even a simple way to install a apps (those you wanna port) is not what I call a good system. Yes Linux has good foundations, thing like RPM, Qt/KDE, virtual desktops and others are great but it's just some fancy things and none of them will make me forget that I need to compile apps for hours just to try them so....

Get Real!
Sep 29 2004
IceCold KDE 2 Themes
Sep 18 2004
Comix KDE 3.5 Themes
Sep 09 2004
Comix KDE 3.5 Themes
Sep 09 2004
Zenith Individual Icons
Sep 01 2004
Aquatica KDE 2 Themes
Aug 30 2004
Idea: Re-designing 'Recent Files' / URBs Various KDE Extensions
Aug 07 2004
Zenith Individual Icons
Aug 01 2004
Lila (CHANGE OF OWNER) Individual Icons
Jul 29 2004
B.A.S.E Cursors
Jul 14 2004
Fileselector with meta-data Various KDE Extensions
Jul 14 2004