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Alton Johnson
Sabayon Linux System Monitor (english)

Karamba & Superkaramba 9 comments

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Jan 27 2010
Got it, thanks man! - Jan 27 2010
Thanks. I didn't realize I only had SuperKaramba installed. I uninstalled it and downloaded this one. I just need a little help on how to install it. I know how to configure it now, thanks to you :D. Just need a little help installing it, lol. Sorry for being so new =( - Jan 27 2010
Thanks, I sent you a screen shot via email =)

I'm sorta new to linux though, how do I edit in gedit like you were saying? I know how to get to gedit, just don't know where the theme file is located - Jan 26 2010
is there a way to customize this? its too long for my 15" monitor and i need to shrink it.

also, is there a way to change the interface? i rarely use ethernet port, always wireless. it doesn't show the network packets for wireless. - Jan 25 2010