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Yes, it would be useful. But there's a couple of things getting in the way.

The first is personal. I've finally come to admit that I'm just not interested in KNemo anymore. I'm willing to do bugfixes, but not add new features. To that end, I'm going to do a release in a couple of weeks to take care of one last minor request and then see if anyone wants to adopt the program.

The second is technical. Right now the statistics/accounting side of KNemo gets the most feature requests. People want it to limit traffic accounting to a specific wireless network (like you do), or offer a breakdown of traffic by connections (work, home, ...), or exclude specific IP ranges from accounting, etc.

KNemo COULD only log traffic when connected to a specific wireless network but it would only know about traffic that happened during the session. If you log out and download a large file from a console, KNemo won't know about it. It would tend to underreport traffic. As an X based program running with ordinary privileges, it's just not the right solution for anything beyond basic traffic logging.

I tried to get around some of this by having KNemo check vnstat's logs on startup. That way it can catch up with traffic that went over the interface since the last time you logged in. But vnstat only logs by interface, so we can't get any more detailed info from that.

A better solution would be for a kind of supercharged vnstat--maybe a daemon that listens for network connection changes via D-Bus? It could log the info that people want, it'd be more accurate than KNemo, and it wouldn't suffer the limitations that KNemo has. And then any app could poll it.

Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't look like the current vnstat, darkstat, ntop, etc. would do all that'd be needed. Someone might need to write something new, but it's not going to be me :)
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