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Jun 22 2010
Okay, for this to work, you should/must have a strict filing system. I am willing to offer some (no-cost) advice and suggestions if you'd like to contact me off-board. I have experience in inventory control, and I set up a system at a library that I think can be adapted to suit your needs.
You can contact me through my profile page to discuss the details so we don't clutter the forum.

Bob63 Oct 29 2010

We're going to need more information as to what exactly you are trying to accomplish, and how much effort you are willing to expend. Do you want to completely digitize the files? or do you merely want sort of an index with a few key bits of info on each customer, account and policy so that you can find the paperwork relatively easy (like a library's computerized index to the bookshelves)?

If you have many files and/or want a fully digitized archive, it may be better to hire a company to perform scanning and OCR work (assuming you have funding for a project like this).
Scanning the document will provide a digital image; the OCR work makes the text available to search software. Links are created between indexes built from the OCR data and the document images.

There are open-source tools available, however, a dedicated data entry company usually has custom-written software to speed the process and ensure accuracy - not to mention sufficient staff to make short work of a seeming insurmountable pile of paper.

If you do choose to take on this task in-house, you need to realize that it will require a significant commitment of time on the part of yourself and/or your staff.

It is certainly possible to do the job in-house and with available open-source tools, provided that your equipment will work with the available software. Consider also equipment limitations: a desktop scanner will likely expire trying to scan 10,000 documents.

Hope this helps,
Bob Oct 10 2010