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Dec 14 2011

All those files types do not work, same error. - Jan 04 2012
Nope won't work on the command line; error:
"Could not create element of type audioconvert, please install it."

I went to the Amarok Wiki to look at which packages are needed for moodbar generation... all the packages in openSuse 12.1 64-bit have been changed from what it recommends. For example, I should have package; gst-plugins-flac installed for flac files... this package does not exist for opensuse 12.1 Do you know of an alternate? I believe this to be a package problem with opensuse 12.1 and your script. So you may have no idea, but I appreciate any help.
- Jan 03 2012
Happy New Year! :)

I was running it in the console to troubleshoot, because moodbar files were still not being generated and was not receiving an error in Amarok anymore. - Jan 01 2012
I've made sure my music directory is writeable. The error I am receiving now when running the script via the Amarok Script Console is;

TypeError: Result of expression 'Amarok.Window.SettingsMenu.moodbarSettings' [undefined] is not an object. - Dec 31 2011
I uninstalled the script, reinstalled via the link on the page here, and pasted the folder into the Amarok Scripts folder. I no longer get the error, however, mood files are not being generated. They should be placed into the same folder as the audio file correct? - Dec 17 2011
Same error. - Dec 17 2011
I get an error when trying to generate moodbars. I previously used the script on the command line via a sh script. But since upgrading to opensuse 12.1 that script no longer works.

Amarok version: 2.4.3
KDE version: 4.7.2
OpenSuse 12.1 64-bit

Script error reported by: Moodbar generator
Qurl:Qurl() could not find a function match; Candidates are: Qurl() Qurl (string url)
Qurl (string url, parsingMode mode) Qurl (Qurl copy) - Dec 12 2011