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Jun 22 2010
In particular I would like to convert psion 5mx jotter files (like rtf notes).

This could actually be a two part process. If silence had a rtf import feature then a psion user could use a program called nconvert that they load onto their psion that then converts the jotter file to rtf's. These rtf file/s could then be imported in silence.

Just an idea. I can send some rtf generated by nconvert when you get around to adding these features. - Oct 01 2010
Great news. I'm more than eager to test imports. Maybe it could be written as some sort of plugin interface so that if necessary we could write our own plugin's. I'll keep an eye out for future releases.

Thanks for the work so far. - Oct 01 2010
If you should add these features and need some real world data to test the csv imports let me know. I have jotter files and csv files that contain over 500 separate notes that I can test your code against. - Oct 01 2010
Nice program, however it could now do with ..

1. Import tool (csv, at least)

2. Export tool (to csv).

3. An archive feature, ie to zip the data up and save it all in a single gzip file.

4. A properties option that allows you to set the directory where the data is stored.

5. Ideally a import tool to import psion jotter files.
- Oct 01 2010