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Jul 27 2011
Thanks for reply. Unfortunately, the Box2D header files are not recognized by Qt SDK. They don't get included despite the correct path. I verified and found the header files in the directory but they don't even show up in the project (pro file) - Aug 01 2011
Would it be possible for you to make this with QML Box 2d? ( I tried but I got stuck because I am unable to compile the QML-box 2d with Qt SDK. - Jul 30 2011
My bad. It is QML project! - Mar 31 2011
Very good game for Qt but since it requires Qt4.7, wouldn't it be easier to develop with QML (which comes with Qt 4.7)? - Mar 31 2011

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Oct 21 2011
Hey congrats on winning the first prize of 10,000 Euro - Jun 16 2011

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Apr 16 2011
Interesting to note that the date is April 16th and the mobile contest which was supposed to close on April 15th is still open. Another extension on cards? ;-) - Apr 16 2011
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Jan 14 2011
I was new to this forum when I posted my only app. I found that most of the apps in 'Mobile contest' are proprietary apps so I posted my app as proprietary. I am not sure whether I can post my app under GPL as my app is already in ovistore. I will check with them regarding this. If so, I will post the source code too. - Mar 03 2011
Heart Risk

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by senu

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9   Apr 10 2011

Qt Widgets
by flieger-axel

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3   Jan 17 2011
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3   Jan 17 2011