Tuan Anh
Macbuntu 2.3 GTK2 Themes
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Nov 15 2010
Hi barley, thanks for advice. I will make some try on this, but in Nautilus elementary, some icons were missing, so the view select button group look very ugly, I thinks we must put some icon to somewhere to fix this Dec 28 2010
Hi,i've restart my PC and everything comes right. I wonder if anyone want this bright theme, i can share it for anyone who need :)
Another problem is the nautilus elementary, it add three button at right of toolbar, but these buttons is not nice like others. So how to fix these things and make it more pretty Dec 23 2010
Hi everyone, I've just tried Macbuntu yesterday and very excited with this themepack, but a little thing i do not accept is the theme color is so dark, and I want it look brighter such as Snow leopard.
I used Gimp to edit brighness of some file in ~/.themes/Macbuntu and everythings almost came right. But a little problem remained is a dark line between title bar and toolbar. So anyone can tell me how to fix this, i had try to edit many file in Macbuntu folder but problem still remain. I has attached the screenshot here for easy to understand, sorry for my bad English skill Dec 23 2010