Dmitriy Psh.. Smolensk, Russian Federation
Veromix - volume control / soundmenu 0.18.3 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 86%
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Jun 14 2012
After reboot all working correctly. Thank you for quick answer ! Mar 08 2011
Can't launch it on subj. All dependencies are installed. Comman plasmoidviewer veromix-plasmoid launch it in a window. But if i want add it on a panel or desktop, i have red square and inscription "can not load the widget error opening script"
Can somebody help me ? =) Mar 08 2011
Arctic [tray icon theme] 1.99 Various KDE 1.-4. Stuff
Score 68%
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Mar 30 2011
Sorry, i mixed up bug and feature :). My laptop most of the time is plugged in, so for me its means "nothin happens".
Mar 02 2011
About kopete - no, i do'nt think about green icon every time - only when it have messages.
And i remember another moment - battery icon.On my notebook it every time has a green label.I think that more good will be showing label when battery charging.
(sorry for my english) Mar 02 2011
It will be great , if you add icons for bangarang and kfilebox. And, if it is posible, kopete icon in the white-with-green style.
PS Awesome green color :) Mar 01 2011
I like your icons, but on my laptop it looks uncompleted:) Feb 10 2011
Activity Manager Plasmoid 0.5 Plasma 4 Widgets
Score 78%
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Dec 24 2010
Thank you for this work, i like this plasmoid, but i have some trouble with installing on OpenSuse (KDE 4.6.0)- after make install its not appeared in menu. As i understand, it happened because .so and .desktop files where in /user/local/... instead of /user/... ,as another plasmoids. When i move files in /usr/.. from /user/local/..., all works correctly. May be you can fix it,(if it required).

And another moment - i cant change activity icon via this plasmoid. May be you can add this function. Jan 27 2011