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Classic95 0.8p1 Icon Themes
Score 71%
29 Dislikes
Jul 26 2017

how you see missing icons exist
probably simlinks help
from the default folder to these ones
or if you found the adecuates, those are the only needed for a good interface to imitate the old times Mar 23 2013
Faience 0.7 GTK3 Themes
Score 70%
30 Dislikes
Aug 02 2017
you know any matching xfwm4 theme for use alongside this theme??? Jan 15 2013
Win2-7 Pack 6.8.3 Multilang Icon Themes
Score 76%
24 Dislikes
Aug 23 2017
and Gnome-shell/GTK3/Unity may have suport (for 7.0 maybe)???

I ask this because the LinuxMint12 have a look like classic, and others proyect like XFCE and LXDE can make so semejant to win7

pregunto esto debido a que LinuxMint12 tiene un look parecido al clasico, y ya que otros proyectos como LXDE y XFCE pueden modificarse para tener un look parecido al de win7 Nov 16 2011
This is what I meant:
Is Lubuntu...
Feb 21 2011
I think you've misunderstood me.
I said as it was possible to make Lubuntu like win2 using your pack and setting manually, I never proposed to make it compatible with Lubuntu, but if it is true that it can be done VERY similar since it also uses GTK +, the fact is that I as able as Lubuntu implement, but never said I wanted to support or something.

I explained just something like a "How do Lubuntu like Windows using the pack you and manually configuring everything"
I also remember that the Gnome-office pack includes Gnumeric do not know if I've seen bad, but I think it is the icon ...

In any case, they will do when out gnome3, further develop this pack? Feb 21 2011
lubuntu and the lxde desktop have specifics apps that this version dont have the equivalent icons
next is the list that in Lubuntu 11.04
Galculator, gpicview, leafpad, lxterminal, xpad (yes I know ya a XFCE apps but Lubuntu have for default), mtpaint, simple scan, pyNeighborhood (a samba/sbm manager), pidgin, sylpheed, chromium, transmission, x chat, ePDFview, osmo, gnumeric (IS originally a part of the gnome-office), obconf, the theme changer for LSDE (lxapearance, lxapearance2), synaptic, software propiertis, desktop session seting, date and time, disk utilities

if you assk, is possible put the icon theme using the and lxapearance (icons option) and the cursor in same eay (lxapearance) and the openboxtheme in 2 ways lxapearance or obconf but win2-7 not have a openbox theme, but the gtk-2 is a manual procedure (.theme folder manualy copy paste) and the background same way, the icon for menu is another manual but is easy due the right ckick and configuration "menu" and select the icon, the background menu not implemented a correctly image for lxpanel, but a panel of 1 color (NO gradient or demi-transparencis) if possible , and you have a win2-7 whit clasic menu
Feb 20 2011
Score 64%
36 Dislikes
Aug 02 2017
Only a question: this theme have a GTK2 version??
or any other GTK2 theme (from othes author/distro/webpage) mathe you GTK3

I like retro themes (retro circa 2008 or less) like this Nov 16 2011
Nimbus 0.1.7-2 GTK2 Themes
Score 72%
28 Dislikes
Nov 13 2011
or, making they own port to gtk3 using the default engine or unico engine or solidify engine
the look of the theme is done (colors and degradees) and the windows decorations for metacity and xfwm are done

but I hope if any theme-maker want make these port
I hope that one want Nov 16 2011
the theme match for GTK3 apps?

this is a great theme and I like this, but the future of many projects is migrating to GTK3, and is sad if this theme not match GTK3 in future.....

I like if Nimbus Match same look for GTK2 and GTK3 apps Nov 14 2011
Faenza 1.3.1 Icon Themes
Score 90%
10 Dislikes
Sep 05 2017
actualy I install from ppa in Lubuntu 110.04a2 and only the places icon are upodates, the cons for the apps and the icno show in panel for runing apps not is updated/correctly showed Feb 20 2011
many an many distributions adopt yours icons
this porve that you make a great job

but I ask you, the lxde defaults apps and the Lubuntu apps like obconf, look an feel, lxteminal, lx appearance, pcmanfm, leafpad.... are included for 0.9???? Feb 20 2011
Buuf 3.22.0 Icon Themes
Score 79%
21 Dislikes
Nov 16 2016
I ask if yours icons are retrocompatiblility like usin 2.30.2 in gnome2.20.0?)?
and futurecoplatibility (like using 2.30.2 icon in gnome3)??

and you can upload only the .deb (por people than not want added the satanic-repositories, like I)

is possible?? Feb 20 2011
Zeta-flat 0.5.3 GTK2 Themes
Score 50%
50 Dislikes
Nov 23 2009
What is repack the theme??
I dont underestan
(ok teach me what is this procedure?) Feb 20 2011
OS2 07-05-10 GTK2 Themes
Score 57%
43 Dislikes
May 07 2010
your issue of OS/2 is almost perfect, only missing one thing ...
the corresponding icons.
If you could put the icons could have a complete emulation of OS/2

your work is appreciated and recommended.

ваш вопрос OS/2 является почти совершенным, только в случае отсутствия одного ...
соответствующие значки.
Если бы вы могли положить иконки могут иметь полную эмуляцию OS/2

ваша работа ценится и рекомендовал.

PD: I use google translator Feb 20 2011
Haiku 5-1-11 GTK2 Themes
Score 64%
36 Dislikes
Jan 05 2011
I love the non standars icons like cubic faenza ot vectorialistic haiku icons, good job
I ask to you, if possible make more icon for LXDE or XFCE defaults apps??

and LXDE use openbox (yes I know that is possible make icewm manager the default but not all know how)

I like you job and the othes (OS/2 theme, Amiga theme...)

I ask to you, you make Win98 icons for future project, I dont found goods icon and I know that you have the talent, and I need to convince a friend that I use windows 98...XD Feb 20 2011
Haiku 0.7 Icon Themes
Score 72%
28 Dislikes
Nov 30 2009
I like you icon more tha the others in Warp/Avispa that is in gnome for default

If you continue you icons, you can make Firefox/Iceweasel, Thunderbird/Icedove, Chromium/Gogle Chrome, Root Terminal, Rhythmbox, Gnash, Mplayer/Gnome player,, Gwiber Giver, Sistem profile and brenchmark, disk utility, science icon, evince/PDF readers/ Adobe Reader, gdmflexiserver, gnome-session-properties, seahorse, Tracker/Deskbar, are the only icons that i see that no have theyrs isometrric-looked-like-Haiku icons

you can?? Feb 06 2011