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Jul 22 2007
Here are my new alternative download links:

All-versions-in-one-package (if unsure download this one!)

Version 0.92 only package
(included in All-in-package, no need to download seperately; but, since it was still actively downloaded on rapidshare, here it is ;-) )
Avio-GDM-0.9.2.tar.gz - Sep 23 2013
I just couldn't stand the pain and removed my rapidshare links. Some posts below You'll find my new zippyshare links. - Sep 23 2013
OK, I *tried* to contact M$, without luck. Well, in that case You'll have to trust me, or not. And a personal note to M$: !?%&?%!$ ! - Apr 29 2013
No offense, pal, but You need to google for things like "Ubuntu change GDM3 theme".
Unfortunately the Avio-Theme is a GDM2-Theme, which means it's incompatible to GDM3 used by Ubuntu. Bad luck :-(
This simply is the wrong place to ask for that. But I'm quite sure, if You ask this question at an Ubuntu-forum You'll get Your answear. I wish You good luck! :-)
- Apr 29 2013
Currently Microsoft's "Smart Screen Filter" lists avio-gdm.tar.gz as an "unsafe download". I already contacted Microsoft's support to resolve this. You have my word, that there is no malware or anything like that in that archive! Is a "false positive", I promise. But, if You want to be sure, You might want to check that download at You'll get a 100 % clean rating. Hell only knows why Microsoft called it "unsafe"... :-$ - Apr 29 2013
Despite Rapidshare's "new hosting model" :-$ the above links are still active. However, sometimes I get a somewhat blank page when following one of the links. If You encounter this, simply try reloading the (nearly blank) page once (or twice...). Sorry for the inconvenience :-/ - Jan 03 2013
I replaced the above backup link, with a package containing Avio-GDM version 0.9.2, 0.9.1, 0.5 and sunshine-0.7 .
So please use this link instead:

- Jul 01 2011
Since the download links are broken, here's a backup link: - Feb 09 2011

GDM Themes

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Apr 29 2013