Chad Zimmerman
Noia Warm 0.95

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Aug 11 2003
Try going here:

You can DL from that page. - Oct 09 2003
Anime Splash

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Apr 14 2003
Sorry about that.. it was a setting in the file management control that had anonymous user access turned off.

It's changed now to work. - Apr 14 2003
Good to know that my first 2 submissions had been accepted rather well. I am working on an update to this one already .. some better load icons are needed.

I should have an update soon :)

Also going to be working on some other anime ones this weekend. - May 09 2002
Ok, anyone have any sugestions as to where to look for some Anime like/related icons I can use to replace the dull and drab current ones?

I am not having very good luck in finding some I can make work properly. Will try some non-anime ones tonight to see if they work well in the screen. - May 09 2002
Oh, but she is oh so sexy though. That is one of the best pictures in my collection IMHO :)

As for the icons .. that was the hardest choice sofar :} I should find some better ones.. will look through the archives for some better.

I plan on making a few others though.. so, I'll have some more R and NC-17 ones soon ;) - May 09 2002
Wallace And Gromit

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Apr 14 2003
Sorry about that.. it was a setting in the file management control that had anonymous user access turned off.

It's changed now to work. - Apr 14 2003
"KDE Girl"

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Apr 14 2003
Sorry about that.. it was a setting in the file management control that had anonymous user access turned off.

It's changed now. - Apr 14 2003
> For me the point is not that you > are "exploiting woman". My
> problem is that a "barely okay" > piece of work suddenly
> becomes "great" when you place a > half-naked woman it it. It
> doesn't.

Never meant for it to be "okay" or "great" or "god's give to mankind". I meant it to be "FUN!" I meant it to be "Something slightly different." I meant it to be "Something for the people that watch and enjoy Anime."

> And how great is this? It is a
> image (stolen?) with a couple of
> icons placed below it. The
> latest icon (The K) don't even
> have the same look as the rest
> of them. I mean come on. I don't
> claim to be a great artist, but
> I don't think that cutting &
> pasting 5 or 6 images counts as
> art.

Um, err, go though 90% of the stuff on this site.. it is almost ALL copy and paste stuff. Icons do not have to have all the same look. I do know who though up that idea.. but if images follow a same theme they go together. they do not all need to be the same to go together well.

As for what is or isn't art.. art is in the eye of you OWN opinion. - Dec 02 2002
Poorly drawn eh? Hmm, I have many anime images and movies in my collection. This one is just as good as any of them. Try a different point other than one that's wrong.

"This is a slap in the face to the groups of female open source hackers out there who are equally as skilled as any man in the field (check out Yet, imagery like this is oppressive. It gives the community a "women are sex objects only" attitude. Not very favorable to intelligent girls."

I have had many emails from women that really like the image and asked if I have others.

I counted 5 different variants. Where are the others? (Mind you I counted all the wallpapers as 1) I may not like math, but at least I CAN count.

As for the last 2 points.. well, can't really argue with your own personal opinion. But I am also guessing that you have never been past the american view of Anime. It is NOT just a child's level media. - May 17 2002
Will work on one later and include it in the package. - May 16 2002
Ok, I made the propper corrections and the no bubble version IS there this time.

Sorry about the SNAFU before :} - May 16 2002
Er, now I double check again and *bleeping* I put the wrong file in there .. dang it!

*mumbles to self about tripple checking next time*

Sorry about that.. as soon as I get home from work, I'll put the RIGHT file in there and re-upload.

Dang.. how did I miss that 2 times I checked it... :\ - May 16 2002
Was updating the backgound logo anyway. :) - May 15 2002
If known. I had the image for as long as the iMac has existed.. the orignal author has been lost in the sands of time :( - May 15 2002
And here I thought I could stop after KDE Girl! ;) - May 11 2002
I thought of that as I was passing out asleep last night.. people are going to want the wallpaper.

Will do that today after I clean up the image some more (afraid making it bigger will show more blemishes than I want to release). - May 11 2002
No, she is from my collection of anime pics I have. Was quite popular when the iMac's first came out.. now not as popular. But she fit the theme perfectly for what I was thinking. - May 11 2002
Blue Icons

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Apr 14 2003
Since there seems to be the interest. I will work on a set, but, you will have to wait a while. I am getting ready for a move to a house coming up next month and then a bunch a family related items.. so, I won't get to it for 2 months or more. Which is why I said if anyone else wants to do it, go right ahead. :)

If no one else does it, I'll start them soon. - May 18 2002
The orignal author created them for XP but I used them in Win2K.

Just started converting them over to use on my Linux box. But I doubt I'll have enough time to do them anytime soon. So, if anyone else wants to finish them off.. go right ahead. - May 17 2002
Aqua Bunny

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May 12 2002
Someone got up on the wrong side of the keyboard today.

Juvenile obsessions eh? Boy, hope you never travel to Japan then.. I have some friends there that would be greatly offended by that.

It is a shame though that you consider yourself they great decider in what geeks should and shouldn't like.

Now, on to other points, I did put in my orignal KDE Girl post that I had the image in my collection for quiet some time.. so the orignal designer of the image (It was a .PSD BTW) has been lost to the past.

I did edit some of the image, not much. Why mess with something that is already just right?

True.. though, you have to be skilled to use Gimp .. that's why there are macros and actions to do 90% of anything you would want to do. I have been a graphic designer for several years.. and I still hardly use and actions or macros.. sure they would speed up the process but you lack the touch and control.

So, before you pass any kind of judgement. Know more about who you want to attack first.

You are just showing another bad side of what people think geeks are.

Personally, I am just posting because people like the artwork and they are using it. I don't really care what you think, but did want to clear the air. Personally, I consider this thread dead and done. - May 12 2002
Don't mind people using KDE Girl for other images, but do give the orignal poster of the file credit at least. - May 12 2002