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May 03 2011
Ahh of course, but you ressurected them! I've always really disliked the Tango theme and was really confused as to why they switched to it.

Anyway, I actually realized it was your own art just before you replied as I looked into your profile but now I'll ask if you can help me to install your theme- I'm not really sure how to install the Lighthouseblue engine (I'm new to the engines business), could you please tell me how it's done?

Again thanks! - May 03 2011
Wow, I've never had such a quick response to a suggestion before. Thank you so much! This is really a beautiful theme that I will use for a long time.

Actually on a side note- what theme are you using in those screenshots? - May 03 2011
This is a wonderfully nostalgic theme. The only way it could be any more perfect would be to have the gnome foot instead of the Ubuntu logo as the menu button.

But again- wonderful job! - May 03 2011

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Nov 15 2010
Hey there, Great theme!

Is it possible to replace the apple logo with a gnome foot?

Thanks :-) - Apr 07 2011