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Jun 02 2011
Thanks for the quick reply. Ok, no problems, it's great to know that something isn't wrong with my machine at all.

Count on me to keep an eye on the project and try it as soon as it gets updated.

Again, thanks for your time and patience. - Jun 02 2011

I never got the application to "see" my Bamboo Pen (CTL-460) under Ubuntu 9.10, even if I could get the device to work.

Recently I just installed Ubuntu 11.04 and the device works out of the box. The application sees the device as a Bamboo Fun 2FG 4x5 (same model, I guess, right picture anyway). It will let me use the "Test drawing area" but for each input device the "device mode", "device tilt" and "device pressure" optiones are disabled (except for the finger pad, of course).

If I remember correctly this device has "pressure" (I got it to work in Gimp but I found it not to be sensitive enogh)...

Is this the intended behaviour?. Should I be able to modify the pressure curve?.

I can post as much information as you need.

Thanks for your time making this application. - Jun 01 2011