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Paul Eggleton
K Raid Monitor

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by gustl
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Jul 17 2011
I tried this out and after setting it up, it worked pretty well. Some ideas:

* When I first added it to the panel it started off yellow then went red. At this point however it was not configured, so I think it should really stay yellow.
* When running for the first time, look for the first available array device (/dev/mdX) and use that by default.
* It needs a configuration dialog even if it is very simple, so that you can select the array.
* Have a tooltip for the applet that shows the status and the device name ie. "/dev/mdX: Good".
* Later on, perhaps add KNotify support so that you can play sounds/show messages etc. if the array status changes (not too tricky, I did this myself for eventwatcher without too much trouble and I'm by no means an expert KDE developer).
* An icon rather than a block would be nice :)

What you have is a good start though :) Thanks. - Nov 02 2007

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Sep 15 2006
Perhaps a klik package would make it easier for everyone? - Jul 07 2006

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Jan 26 2011
If you mean UML, check out Umbrello:

This is already part of the kdesdk package. - Aug 21 2004