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Linspire Clear for Debian

KDE 3.5 Themes 31 comments

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May 24 2005
This deb doesn't work here: dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of los-linspireclear-style: los-linspireclear-style depends on kdelibs4 (>= 4:3.4.2); however: Package kdelibs4 is not installed. los-linspireclear-style depends on libqt3c102-mt (>= 3:3.3.3); however: Package libqt3c102-mt is not installed. dpkg: error processing los-linspireclear-style (--install): dependency problems - leaving unconfigured Errors were encountered while processing: los-linspireclear-style I have breezt... Why did the KDE team ever make it this hard to install new styles... - Nov 05 2005
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 42 comments

by tosta
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Aug 30 2005
I think it looks great, and yes, I'd expect to see all that - perhaps the default setting would be better left with less information, but the option to show that info would be great.


Keep up the good work

(Oh and finally, when are people going to understand that *dumb* users are not what counts?! if we're gonna be an advanced civilization, let's start acting advanced, or move into caves) - Sep 02 2005

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Jul 07 2004
This I like - it kicks Baghiras ass :-) Anyhow - a proposal for an improvement. If you give an option to have rect buttons/sliders/scrollbars like Liquid gives in Konqueror with buttons - same nice glossy feeling, it will be perfect. The reason - without real antialiasing, all curves give pixels that stand out.

The tabs are perfect. I don't get pixel artifacts. Mostly, the artifacts show on the scrollbars. But with scrollbars, rectangularly shaped and with an option for rect buttons - it would be: Perfection :)

m0ns00n - Sep 28 2004

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Sep 10 2006
You seriously mean that you can not see the artifacts? I will make some screenshots and post them here later. That may be why it hasn't been fixed. People just haven't spotted it before. ;-) - Aug 25 2004
I don't know if any of you agree with this. I used to LOVE liquid for KDE 2.x. It was so slick. I remember the description of it "An alpha blended style for KDE". Where did the alpha blending go? The antialiasing on the Baghira style is so broken, and it gets even more broken with each release it seems.

This is a plea to the author, as I really liked Liquid. Could you try to clean up all the alphablending/antialiasing errors before they get so many that it will be beyond anyone to fix them in any reasonable amount of time?

I used to make the buttons in Baghira rectangular, to escape the pixels that contrast the background at places. I remember mosfet also had an option of rect scrollbars. The rect buttons aren't rect anymore.

I'm not flaming at all here. I just feel like voicing my opinion, cuz I think this style can be really unique and stunning once the design is put more in focus. The feature set is wonderful - but it is put to shame by the pixel artifacts, making it look unfinished. With the alphablending and antialiasing back on the map, this style can really put any other GUI in the bin. Seriously!

:) - Aug 24 2004