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Time v3

VLC Extensions Feb 11 2018
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WIP collection

VLC Extensions Jan 20 2018
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Sampler (PG)

VLC Extensions May 22 2014
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Time (lite)

VLC Extensions Mar 19 2012
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Sampler (PG)

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May 22 2014
I cannot reproduce the issue in VLC 3.0.2 (Vista 32-bit). There is just a black screen only in some films for a split of a second. There is really nothing I can do about it. Perhaps it depends on a video format you are playing. You can report the :start-time VLC option issue and provide a video samples at - May 09 2018
You're welcome - Jan 15 2015
Remember Playing Now

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Apr 29 2018
I recommend you to upgrade your script to use if it is available (introduced by VLSub included in VLC 3.0.2) instead of Lua's standard io functions. It solves the issue with non-ASCII characters in the path on some systems. This script and similar ones can work properly on all systems from now. - Apr 30 2018
Jump to time (Previous frame) v3

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Feb 11 2018
Does the updated script v3 not work on OSX? You need to download it manually here. It is not available through the Addons Manager yet. Then there is a problem with "Frame rate" key, as it depends on VLC interface language. The key is translated in different languages. Therefore I take the first number value for "Frame rate". It works in most cases. - Feb 16 2018
You can use some external helper/program like DeskPins. - Jan 29 2018
The button hotkeys work only in active/focused dialogbox window. It is not possible to improve the script the way you want it. The scripting VLC in Lua is very limited and require further improvements. You could try to use Autohotkey, the external helper for Windows, to send keystrokes to Jump to time window. - Dec 13 2017
So this is what you need. O.K. - Nov 10 2017
There is "1/VLCfps" in dropdown menu. Then use "1/x" on the returned value to see the fps. Does it return correct fps for your films? Do you want to have automatic update of the time value in the bottom input field? - Nov 10 2017
Thank you for your contribution. I will fix it soon. - Sep 23 2015
Thank you for the screenshots. Now I see the difference. VLC for OS X is all different from Windows/Linux. Please can you make 2 more screenshots of 2 different variations for me?
-- text_input: col_span=1; button: col=3;
textinput_time = d:add_text_input(Time2string(0), 2,1,1,1) -- "00:00:00,000"
d:add_button(">> &Set time", click_Set_time, 3,1,1,1)
textinput_jump = d:add_text_input(jumps[1][2], 2,3,1,1) -- default jump length (1-st in the list)
d:add_button(">> &Forward", function() click_Jump(1) end, 3,3,1,1)

-- text_input: col_span=2; button: col=4;
textinput_time = d:add_text_input(Time2string(0), 2,1,2,1) -- "00:00:00,000"
d:add_button(">> &Set time", click_Set_time, 4,1,1,1)
textinput_jump = d:add_text_input(jumps[1][2], 2,3,2,1) -- default jump length (1-st in the list)
d:add_button(">> &Forward", function() click_Jump(1) end, 4,3,1,1)
Here is how it looks in my computer:

I would like to make a different layout for OS X and to keep the compact one for Windows and Linux. I would like to ask you whether you could help me to find out the best way how to distinguish OS X from Linux in VLC Lua. It can be useful for other cases/extensions, too. Perhaps there is an environment variable that is available in all OS X systems and not available in Linux, or they have a different value. According to this link: the OSTYPE could be the one I am looking for. Please check its value in OS X:Quote:
-- some environment variables like "OS" and "windir" on Windows (OS=Windows_NT; windir=C:\WINDOWS). "OSTYPE" on OS X and Linux?
-- word "Application" in userdatadir on OS X, not on Linux?
d:add_html(tostring(os.getenv("OSTYPE")) .."<br />".. vlc.config.userdatadir(), 1,5,3,1)

Do the ampersands "&" in the buttons work as hotkeys (Alt+G, Alt+S, ...)? Probably not as they are not invisible there. I can remove them from OS X layout.
Which of the buttons is the "submit" button? While I am editing a string in a text_input field or selecting an item in the drop-down list on Windows, then the first button in the code "Time format" is automatically focused and ready for action by pressing the Enter key on keyboard. - Sep 21 2015
VLC Extensions dialog box widgets stacking issue in VLC for OS X. - Sep 17 2015
Sorry, the "always on top" feature is not available for dialog box window of VLC Extensions.
You could have the "Pause/Play" button in the dialog box if it helps you. Just edit the script and insert the new button in function Create_dialog():Quote:
d:add_button("&Pause / &Play", function() vlc.playlist.pause() end, 2,4,1,1)
- Sep 14 2015
Time v3

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Feb 11 2018
I cannot reproduce the issue. I have no problem here with default settings in VLC 3 (win32.7z package, portable - "portable" subfolder within vlc folder). Try to reset preferences. What OS, VLC version? You could further investigate the issue: video format, different video output module, enable/disable hardware acceleration, check the logs. You can wait for VLC 3.0.1 whether it gets better or not. Then probably you need to file a bugreport at - Feb 14 2018
Fixed for VLC 3. - Feb 11 2018
Please check manually the enabled interfaces in VLC preferences ( where the "[v] Web" is checked (on the first picture) and also the "[v] Lua interpreter" for the custom interface script of Time (the second picture: "Lua interface [looper_intf]" instead of "dummy"), so there are [luaintf:http] in the text input field there ("lua" is wrong, it must be "luaintf" string!). Please let me know. - Dec 06 2017
It is still not possible. - Aug 23 2017
Thanks for the feedback. - Jul 06 2017
I really need to simplify the instructions. - Jul 06 2017
You just need to edit the looper_intf.lua sctipt in a text editor. Find the following line:
local system_time = systemHour..":"..systemMinute..":"..systemSecond
Then simply remove seconds there:
local system_time = systemHour..":"..systemMinute - Jul 06 2017
I am not VLC developer. The Extension just works with time values provided by VLC. - Jun 03 2016
Thank you for your feedback. So the alignment does not work for you. The "top-right" position should be selected as the default option when you activate the extension. Does it really not work if you select some other position and then press "START" button? Is there anything in the logs (messages) in VLC for this action? Does the ">> PUT^IN" work if you select anything in drop-down list to put it in the input text field?

Perhaps there is a solution to make the TIME extension work in new versions of VLC: interface script (an endless loop with a short sleep to periodically check the settings and to update the time values on the screen) + extension script (dialog box with a control panel for interaction with a user to change time settings and to save settings in some unused VLC variable or in a text file). - Mar 27 2016
O.K. Thanks. - Nov 21 2014
The extension does not work in VLC-2.1+. Please could you try VLC-2.0.9 whether the extension works there? I am on Windows and I do not have enough feedback from OS X users.

A workaround with a Refresh button, that should be pressed periodically during playback (to press and hold the Enter key or a software key sender), is possible. If there are users interested in such a workaround, the principle is shown in "Animated ASCII Art" and "Subtitler (lite) mod" extensions. Could you try them with latest VLC in your Mac OS X? - Nov 19 2014
Moments' Tracker

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by aur
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Sep 13 2017
Check the logs: Tools > Messages: Verbosity: [2 (debug)] - Sep 21 2017
Tools > Messages (Ctrl+M) > Verbosity: [2 (debug)]
Is there anything in the logs if you try to activate the extension?

Lua cannot handle UTF-8 strings properly and so it cannot create/write files with paths containing other than Basic Latin characters (Non-ASCII). Try to customize the destination path:
Line 3 >Quote:
destination = "d:/VLC-moments_tracker.txt"
Line 47 >Quote:
if destination == nil then destination = vlc.config.userdatadir().."/moments_tracker.txt" end

- Dec 17 2014
WIP collection

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Jan 20 2018
Ah! The MacOS X case:
VLC 3? - Apr 14 2017
Yes, save it (select>copy>paste) as a simple text file with lua extension instead of txt. Check some other extensions on this portal for detailed installation instructions on your OS. - Apr 13 2017

VLC Extensions 9 comments

by tim89
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Sep 13 2014
You can watch key codes in VLC console (View > Add Interface > Console) after activation of Time2Clipboard extension. Then edit the script and use your desired key code there. As for the global hotkeys, please read the description of the extension here. You can install AutoHotkey and write your custom .ahk script. - Mar 14 2017
VLC 2.0.x! - Mar 09 2017

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Sep 05 2017
Hi! Please check PM at forum as it is not available here anymore. - Dec 06 2016
A cherry on top of your great extension? - Jan 15 2015
The additional condition really works for stopped video. Line 1671 > Quote:
or not openSub.file.hasInput or vlc.playlist.status()=="stopped" then
- Nov 19 2014
- Nov 14 2014
Yes, now it works. Thanks.
I have one more thing for you to consider. If I stop playback and VLSub dialog remains open, I suggest to show download link rather than direct download of subtitles for stopped film. What do you think? - Nov 11 2014
Thank you, but now it always provide a download link even if a film is playing in VLC and VLSub is configured to "Load and save". There is no error message. Thank you in advance. - Nov 10 2014
Please check the 2-nd line in English help text:

Then there is following text in the Usage section:
(if nothing is playing you will get a link to download the subtitles in your browser)
There is a bug, because VLSub does not offer a direct link for downloading of selected subtitles (with "What to do with subtitles: [Load and Save]" in Configuration):
lua debug: Clicking 'd:\vlc\lua\extensions\vlsub.lua': 'Download selection'
lua warning: Error while running script d:\vlc\lua\extensions\vlsub.lua, function (null)(): d:\vlc\lua\extensions\vlsub.lua:1689: attempt to concatenate local 'subfileName' (a nil value)
lua warning: Could not translate click
Thanks. - Oct 27 2014
Subtitler (lite) mod v1.3

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May 14 2018
sleep 1
This command waits 1 second that might be too long. Try to use "sleep 0.1" instead of "sleep 1" or use "usleep 100000" with microseconds. I cannot test it as I am on Windows XP. Please somebody let me know the best solution. - Aug 17 2015
On Linux
by KqdK2J4K on: 12 hours ago

Thank you for sharing your script. I will put it in description and package of the extension. - Aug 16 2015
Thanks! I will put it in the description of the extension.
Now only Linux remains without similar simple solution for automatic pressing of the button. - Feb 10 2015
Hi, surferau! Please confirm whether the new version (1.2) of Subtitler (lite) mod works on Mac OS X. Thanks. - Nov 03 2014
Was it the same crash as was already reported here by conehead on May 31, 2014, and the additional line of code is the solution?
The script should not crash. It just should not find any subtitles in the file. I can pass all necessary information to VLC developers to fix this crashing issue and I can update the script.
Is there any method to send "Enter" keystrokes automatically and periodically into the "Subtitler (lite) mod" dialog box on Mac OSX? Any script or application?
Thank you for your report and solution. - Sep 26 2014
Well, the script works well for me on my system Windows XP, VLC 32-bit. The "\r\n" EOLs are automatically converted to "\n"s by the file:read() function.
Please confirm conditions when is the different behavior. VLC 64-bit? Linux or Mac? I cannot test it, but it is really possible that you are true and additional line of code is necessary there. - Sep 25 2014
What OS? - Sep 24 2014
Click to Play/Pause

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Sep 08 2014

VLC Playlist Parsers 6 comments

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Apr 30 2013
Tickeldi please take the fixed script posted by filocida and upload it here. Thanks.
A direct link: - Jan 18 2015
Resume Media V3.40 (Win/Lin)

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Sep 25 2015
Thanks for the tip. I use Notepad++. - Dec 29 2014
There are "stop-time" and "run-time" VLC options available for playlist items (check Sampler (PG) and Clipper VLC Extensions). - Dec 28 2014
vlc.var.set(vlc.object.vout(),"crop","16:9") -- predefinded standard ratios

vlc.config.set("custom-crop-ratios", "17:8,640:300")
- Dec 24 2014

vlc.config.set("custom-aspect-ratios", "17:8,640:300")
- Dec 24 2014